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'B2S Backglass Server' settings

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Posted 26 February 2013 - 08:34 PM

B2S Backglass Server settings
Current version of the 'B2S Backglass Server' is

You can set, tweak and save a lot settings for each backglass. To get into this settings screen, please click with the mouse on the backglass and press 'S' on your keyboard. A dialog window opens.

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In this settings dialog you're able to:

  • toggle between 'Authentic' and 'Fantasy' backglass mode if the backglass is a 'dual mode' backglass
    'Dual mode backglass' is a backglass with infos for an 'Authentic' and for a 'Fantasy' look. This mean some bulbs are lit and some animations are running in the one mode but not in the other mode.
  • locate the 'Hyperpin' folder with the button 'Locate Hyperpin' (only when necessary and Hyperpin available)
    To match the default backglass name to the corresponding table the server needs to know where the Hyperpin folder is located. Sometimes it is necessary to locate this 'Hyperpin' folder manually.
  • set some 'Visibility' options for the grill, VPinMAME DMD and/or the B2S DMD
    • 'Grill' can be set to 'Hidden' or 'Visible' or can be set to 'Standard'. The first two options are pretty clear, the third option 'Standard' uses the standard setting of the 'screenres.txt' (set 'LED Display X Offset' and 'LED Display Y Offset' both to '0' show the grill, other values than '0' hide the grill).
    • 'VPinMAME DMD' can be set to 'Hidden' or 'Visible' or can be set to 'Standard'. The first two options are pretty clear, the third option 'Standard' uses the value of the VPinMAME property 'Hidden' used in VP script code.
    • 'B2S DMD' is a backglass specific DMD designed with the backglass designer. It's used i.e. in 'TAXI'. It can be set to 'Hidden' or 'Visible'.
  • do some performance tuning, especially with the 'Skip ... frames' settings
    • 'Skip ... frames'
      VPinMAME is sending a huge amount of data in very short timer intervals. Sometimes it makes sense to collect these data and do not show them immediatelly. Set i.e. the 'Skip lamp frames' to 3 means that for three lamp timer intervals the data will be collected and not shown before this third interval. Especially the solenoids are firing very fast. So when you want to tweak your settings start with i.e. lamps with '3' and solenoids with '10'.
    • Start backglass in server EXE
      This option starts the backglass in an own EXE container. This is a very easy and sometimes very efficient way to uncouple the backglass process from the VP table process.
  • do some LED settings
    • 'Use simple LEDs' or 'Use Dream7 LEDs'
      Simple LEDs are looking a bit boaring, a bit unreal but maybe have less performance impact. 'Dream7' LEDs are looking pretty cool, but need a bit more CPU power.
    • 'LED wireframe on' shows a wireframe for the 'Dream7' LEDs, 'LED bulb light on' and 'Glowing' changes the look of the 'Dream7' LEDs.
  • tweak the backglass animations
    You can 'slow down' every single backglass animation or all at once. Sometimes this helps to increase the backglass performance because very fast running animations need power. FYI these are animations stored in the backglass code and are not coming from VPinMAME.
  • setup the screenshot settings to create screenshots
    Select a destination folder for backglass screenshots and an image file type. Now you can create screenshots from running backglasses with the 'Print' or 'Print screen' key.
  • get into the "Direct Output Framework" plugin configuration screen (if available)

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