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'B2S Backglass Server' installation and version info

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Posted 26 February 2013 - 05:57 PM

B2S Backglass Server installation and version info
Current version is The server includes the system files to run 'directB2S' backglasses.
The server is able to run all backglasses from 1.0 to
If this is the first version you're installing please follow the installation instructions below or check the 'readme.txt' included in the ZIP.

If you have the first version already installed, please overwrite the older files with these newer files. Normally there is NO NEED to reregister the server then.

  • First of all check the color depth of the backglass monitor. It should be 32bit.
  • The B2S backglass server requires .NET Framework 4 installed on your computer.
    If it is not installed, it can be downloaded from www.microsoft.com http://www.microsoft...&displaylang=en
  • Unzip all backglass server files into your VP tables folder and overwrite already existing files with this new ones.
  • Rightclick the 'B2SBackglassServer.dll' and click on 'Properties'. Maybe you'll find the following text on the 'General' tab:
    "This file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer". Click on the "Unblock" button.
    If you are not able to find this text everything is allright, too
  • Start the 'B2SBackglassServerRegisterApp.exe' in the VP tables folder and the server dll should be registered.
    IMPORTANT: With Win7 start the exe as Administrator.
  • You're ready to download and play some 'directB2S' backglasses.

Tipps to improve the performance:
  • Check the color depth of the backglass monitor. It should be 32bit.
  • Check the 'Start the backglass in EXE mode' check button and restart the backglass
  • Tweak with the "Skip ... frames". Maybe start with Lamps 2 or 3, Solenoids 10 and LED 2.
  • Tweak with the LED type. Try to use the "Simple LEDs".
  • Don't forget to save your settings.
When VP crashes when stopping the table:
  • Edit the registry for the rom files that are crashing and make sure ddraw and direct3d are both set to 0.
  • Try to add a 'Controller.Stop' command when the table is stopped. Get into the VP script code and insert:

            Sub Table_Exit  '  in some tables this needs to be Table1_Exit


            End Sub

Change log:
  • V1.01: Fixed some bugs and did some minor changes
    • 'Close' button hides 'B2S DMD' window and doesn't show it once again
    • Blanks are removed from internal property 'B2SName', important for EMs and Originals
    • set to 'Simple LEDs' crashes in EXE mode when default is 'Dream7'
    • 'B2SStopAllAnimations' command improved
    • some older Rosve style EXE backglasses had startup problems after installing the new backglass server
    • added some missed VPM calls, like SetDisplayPosition, ShowPinDMD, ShowOptsDialog, ...
    • Third monitor image was visible sometimes as a small image to the top left of the backglass monitor (i.e. in Cosmic Gunfight, Close Encounters, Sorcerer, ...)
    • Changed the three top check boxes in the settings dialog to combo boxes
  • V1.1: Added two major feature, fixed some bugs and did some minor changes:
    • Added mech support for rotating objects like the spinning spider at 'Scared Stiff'
    • Added the dual backglass mode: Authentic or Fantasy mode in one backglass
    • Added an animation 'slowdown' in the settings to slowdown performance killing animations
    • Fixed interference between EXE mode and Rosve's B2S backglass EXE
    • Enhanced the backglass settings dialog
  • V1.1.1: Three bug fixes
    • 'Fantasy' mode wasn't saved in the settings dialog
    • 'Object reference error' when starting on a new system
    • Hyperpin location improved and added a button to locate Hyperpin when it can't be located automatically
  • V1.2: EXE mode is new default start mode
    • Fixed bug: In EXE mode the 'data polling timer' was running with a default timer interval. This was pretty slow. Now the EXE mode is reacting like the standard mode
    • New feature: EXE mode is the new default start mode
    • New feature:The default start mode can be set in the settings
    • Fixed bug: Dual backglasses are handling the internal cached images correctly for 'Authentic' and 'Fantasy' mode
    • Fixed bug: 'F3' restart is working correctly now after switching between EXE and standard mode
    • Fixed bug: Animation restart after 'Authentic'-'Fantasy'-switch is working in EXE mode too
    • Fixed bug: EM or Original backglasses sometimes crash when started in EXE mode during startup
    • New feature: Preparation for plugin support
    • New feature: More animation and rotation stop behaviour added
    • Made some changes at the settings screen
    • Fixed bug (maybe): DMD jumped into the background of the backglass
    • Some more minor fixes and improvements
  • V1.25: Switches in backglasses available and plugins added
    • New feature: Animations steps can pulse a backglass switch
    • New feature: Animations can start in a "random" mode
    • New feature: Plugin support ("Direct Output Framework") now available (more infos will follow)
      More information here: About the plugin interface and a sample plugin project.
    • Fixed a few minor bugs
  • V1.3: Full plugin support for upcoming "Direct Output Framework" and a lot finetuning
    • Full plugin support for upcoming "Direct Output Framework"
      More information here: About the plugin interface and a sample plugin project.
    • Some new buttons at the settings screen to activate/deactivate plugin support
    • PinballX detection and support
    • A lot bugfixes like crash when score rolls over, added SetDisplayPosition call, removed single VPinMAME call for EMs, ...
  • V1.3.0.1: Check box "Activate plugins" is saveble
    • Just one bug fix: Check box "Activate plugins" doesn't save. Now it's working.

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