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  • Submitted: Nov 01 2012 10:55 PM
  • Last Updated: Apr 13 2014 10:10 PM
  • File Size: 50.64MB
  • Views: 9717
  • Downloads: 3,033
  • Author(s): VP8 table 4:3 by destruk,
    VP9 conversion by mfuegemann
  • Manufacturer: Williams
  • Year: 1996
  • IPDB Link:
  • ROM: Link to ROM
  • Permission to MOD?: No

Previous Versions

  • 13 Apr 2014 Download Junk Yard VP9 2.2 + DX9
  • 13 Apr 2014 Download Junk Yard VP9 2.2 + DX9
  • 13 Apr 2014 Download Junk Yard VP9 2.2 + DX9

Download Junk Yard VP9 + DX9 2.2

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JY Junk Yard Desktop

This is a VP9 conversion of destruks VP8 table. I reworked the graphics, added some playfield details and changed the table layout where I found it necessary.
This table is based on my JY FS mod version 2.2.

Thanks to destruk for his original work and the permission to mod this table.

Have fun


What's New in Version 2.2 (See full changelog)

  • - completely reworked subway trough handling to avoid lost balls and correct registering of achievements
  • - added wrecker ball movement when crane goes up
  • - added droppable scoop fork to indicate open dog passage
  • - added a DX9 version as separate download file
  • This file needs VP9.2.1 to run. For older VP versions please download the previous table release.

winrar archive is OK

rar archive is failed

Hello, My game is with the top at a 90 ° angle. Why?

Hello xxinoxx,


sorry for the late reply, I do not understand Your Problem, could You please PM me a screenshot? Your Screen should look exactly like the preview screenshot.




Ihve problem with script some kind. Not working.

Hi kane11,


please use the "support topic" (red icon above) to report the detailed error message together with Your settings/vpin version. I receive no alerts, if one posts here under reviews.

Please be sure to use VPin 9.2.1 or above with the latest table version. Prior versions do not support the new flasher and primitive features.




Brilliant job on the crane, the appearance of the vehicle hulls and the table in general. The outlanes in this one are particularly brutal, but I seem to get alot of recycle saves by default, so it's all good. Only thing I can't do well is edit, as it seems to require alot of CPU in the editor.

Hi RogerRoger,


the JY outlanes are brutal indeed. Maybe I adjust the posts next to them a little bit.

For the editor issue, please deactivate "display image" for all walls not needed at the moment. Also try to switch between layers to show only a limited amount of objects at the same time.




I just downloaded this game. Great Pin!!! I thought it was broken. It went dead and then started flashing MIDNITE MADNESS and started spitting out balls constantly for about a minute. It was exactly midnite on my comp when this happened. lol


I thought it was a bug or something. But enjoyed the extra balls and points. Thumbs up mfuegemann.


I have never seen this game before.

Hi Skroo,


the midnight madness is a very cool mode of this table and will be activated if a game is running at midnight.

During development it always reminded me to stop work in a couple of minutes.




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