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  • Submitted: Mar 25 2009 08:58 PM
  • Last Updated: Jun 02 2009 01:21 PM
  • File Size: 11.78MB
  • Views: 22466
  • Downloads: 3,983
  • Author(s): Noah Fentz
  • Manufacturer: Data East
  • Year: 1994
  • IPDB Link:

Download WWF Royal Rumble (Noah Fentz & Destruk) 1.1.0

* * * * - 14 Votes

For use with VP 9.x using HARDWARE RENDERING. If rendering issues occur, use the "Lite" version.

Manufacturer: Data East
Model Number: 23
Common Abbreviations: WWF
MPU: DataEast/Sega Version 3
Type: Solid State Electronic (SS)

Theme: Licensed - Sports - Wrestling - Comedy
Specialty: Widebody
Toys: Machine shakes when hitting targets.
Design by: Tim Seckel, Joe Kaminkow
Art by: Paul Faris, Markus Rothkranz
Dots/Animation by: Jack Liddon, Kurt Andersen, Scott Melchionda
Mechanics by: Tim Seckel
Music by: Brian Schmidt
Sound by: Brian Schmidt
Software by: Neil Falconer, Orin Day, Lyman F. Sheats Jr.
Notes: First prototype game was a narrow-body game. Game kept changing as wrestlers left WWF for other organizations. Many custom voice samples from wrestlers.
Marketing Slogans: "(Various features) all combine to make WWFRR the main event for street and arcade championship collections! We needed more space to contain this cage match of pinball mayhem."
"WWF Royal Rumble is sure to beat the competition and be the heavyweight champ!"
"Lets get ready to rumble!"

Flying Dutchman
Mar 31 2009 11:39 AM
Thanks Noah & Destruk .. will enjoy this one in a minute!
Thanks!! Nice! I loved WWF.. smile.gif
Thank you very much
bad boy lloyd
Jan 13 2011 10:25 AM
when i try and play it it says: line 179: variable is undefined "start shake"

whats up with that?
can somebody please make a how to downoad WWF Royal Rumble Pinball and put it on Youtube
the LITE Version suckz the ballīs to slow
i got the rendering issue
Nov 18 2011 01:21 AM
Plays great and this table is a lot of fun! I really like the shaking background effect. Too bad the artwork is not at a higher resolution, because otherwise this is fantastic. http://www.pinballre...e_pinball_4.jpg
Dec 01 2013 09:03 PM

Awesome table. can you make a full screen version? I love this table!! Definitely, one of my favorite tables growing up.

Thank you 4 this table i love this table, sad because no WWE,WWF table in Future pinball or pinball fx mayby soon be ;(

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