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  • Submitted: Jul 02 2019 02:57 PM
  • Last Updated: Jul 02 2019 02:59 PM
  • File Size: 50.55MB
  • Views: 2148
  • Downloads: 747
  • Author(s): Herweh
  • Manufacturer: Bally
  • Year: 1989
  • IPDB Link:
  • ROM: Link to ROM
  • Permission to MOD?: Yes, with approval

Previous Versions

  • 02 Jul 2019 Download Mousin Around (Bally, 1989) 1.1

Download Mousin Around (Bally, 1989) 1.1

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Mousin Around Bally 1989 VPX Midway

"So You Wanna Mouse Around?"

Have fun with cheese loop, cheese targets, mouse traps, ZIP and SWOOSH ramps, 3-ball-multiball, mouse hole and so much more.

Special thanks to
  • Schreibi34: For awesome 3D objects and so many very helpful hints
  • OldSkoolGamer, ICPjuggla, Herweh (:-): For creating a very cool VP9 build from where I borrowed a few table elements
  • OldSkoolGamer: For providing me all the wonderful artwork he designed for the VP9 build
  • Cosmic80: For his awesome color reworking of the playfield
  • Flupper: For his ramp tutorial, for always having an open ear for Blender noobs like me and of course for resources like the bumper caps, the target prim and some more
  • JPSalas: For giving me the decisive hint when the Jackpot in the mouse hole didn't work like it should
  • 32assassin: For his desktop table scoring displays
  • Sliderpoint: For the flasher dome from his 'Cyclone' build
  • Ninuzzu: For his flipper shadows
  • Dark: For the gates primitives template
  • DJRobX, RothbauerW and maybe some other ones: For some code in my script like the SSF routines
  • tttttwii, Bord and Thalamus: For beta testing and some good hints
  • VPX development team: For always lifting VP to the next level
  • All I have forgotten. Please send me a PM if you think I should add you to the 'Thx' section here. My fault!
Check out the script options at the top of the script. There are options for a more or less jumping ball, playfield shadow depth, GI, flipper and flasher lighing and color modes and so on.

Check out Herweh's multiball modes (v1.1) at the top of the script too. Two additional multiball modes, played with up to 5 balls during multiball. The first one (my favourite mode) enables locking of up to 4 balls and the locking traps are changing every 20 seconds. The second one, always 5-ball multiball mode, with locks in the two cheese traps and locking two balls in the mouse hole.

Toggle thru GI and flipper color modes with the left and right MagnaSave buttons. Notice that this is just a preview. To switch permanently to a specific color mode you have to do these changes in the script options.

During testing there was one issue that happened sometimes: If Jackpot should be awarded, the soundtrack dies and the Jackpot value doesn't score. When this happens to you (or the motor bank doesn't work like it should), please first of all try to delete the 'mousn_l4' nvram file. And please report to me as maybe we can find a solution together.


What's New in Version 1.1 (See full changelog)

  • 1.1: Herweh's mouse hole multiball modes and some minor VP, graphical and coding bugfixes
  • 1.0: Initial release



thanks n ever played this one before

I've been looking forward to this table, very nice! Thanks to you and the team!

Looks like it will be fun.  Can't recall ever playing this one.  Looking forward to it.  Thank you for your time and work.

Those plastic ramps are from beyond this planet!
Awesome work.

Great table,


I had really forget it.


But the sleeping cat dreaming of the busty pussycat remembered me those days when that pinball was here around in the pubs, and gave me lot of fun.


You did a real great job guys, awesome table.

Thank you a lot.


Compliments to Bally's designers too, of course. They were artists.

Jul 09 2019 07:23 PM

looks immaculate!  excellent work

beautiful job!!

Jul 17 2019 11:06 PM
Thank you.
Aug 22 2019 11:06 PM

Awesome table!

Great lightning & gameplay rocks!

Fast action, really wonderful job, well done!


Thank you!



Ha Ha Haa, Gotcha! This is superb! Physics are outstanding and it looks and plays great. FYI I had an issue with the Cheese Loop Gate not going down, but it cleared after I deleted the nvram.

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