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  • Submitted: Apr 02 2012 12:06 PM
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  • Author(s): tamoore
  • Manufacturer: Williams
  • Year: 1990

Download Diner WS [B2S] 1.0.0

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Diner WS. Williams 1990. 1.0

Diner WS.


BodyDump for the playfield redraw.
Rosve for the B2S
The Wool for physics adjustments.

The WS version needs a bit of work still, so expect an update at some point after this release. I just wanted to get this out since I won't have a chance to tweak it in over the next week or so.

How do I get this to work. It keeps giving me a script error.
A very pleasant pinball...
Thank you
Hi there, I'm getting the script error too. I extracted the VPT table file and the b2s.vbs file both into the table folder and attempted to run it; result is an error window "Line: 0 (null) and the script editor opens. When I answer "ok" in the error window, another load attempt occurs, fails, and comes back to VP.

Where do we go wrong?


Jun 05 2012 05:05 PM
same here even when i delete the first lines or add some its still has an error in line null (0)

...same problem here.

I got it to work after having the scrip error you describe.  All I did was create a folder in my tables folder and labelled it Diner.  Then I copied all the files in the zip into that folder.  I had to tweak it a bit visually to get it to my liking.  But it is a fine table!

I never could get the .NET driven backglass to have a properly centered and scaled clock and display, so I disabled the 2 dozen or so B2S lib calls and re-enabled the standard pinmame display. One only occurs during multi-ball, so be aware if you want to attempt this.


Your implementation is frustrating, as any changes I make to global contact friction and gravity results in either too many center drains falling from the jet bumper area or the ball is too unpredictable and fast. Also on occasion, the diverter that should stop the ball from entering the spin cup does not activate when it should, but maybe one of the commented B2S script lines did that, I dunno.

I settled on a slight increase in contact friction(0.0026), and slight increase in gravity and a modest increase in flipper speed and strength. Getting scores around 12 million, which is ok. This could be so much better with additional refinement!

I kept the backglass, placing it to the upper right of the table, but disabled the LED update timer, because it was too slow in updating no matter setting the timer's refresh to as low as 1.  Instead, I re-enabled the pinmame display and simply placed it over the backglass LEDs.  Also added a copy of the backglass art to the background, rather than just the blah grey.  If nothing else, it looks good.


Also, you don't have to create a sub-directory for Diner... the files just need to be in the same directory (tables) as the table (vpt).

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