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  • Submitted: Jun 16 2022 03:46 PM
  • Last Updated: Dec 13 2022 04:53 PM
  • File Size: 104.53MB
  • Views: 3527
  • Downloads: 1,387
  • Author(s): Loserman76
    Martin Brunker
  • Manufacturer: Bally
  • Year: 1976
  • IPDB Link:
  • Permission to MOD?: Unspecified

Previous Versions

  • 16 Jun 2022 Download Hang Glider (Bally 1976) 1.0d

Download Hang Glider (Bally 1976) 1.0e

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Loserman76; Martin Brunker; EM; Bally;

Initial announcement from Jeff:
Hang Glider (Bally 1976)
The 4 player variant of Hi-Deal
Playfield from IPDB, plastics purchased and scanned by me. Backglass I'm pretty sure is one I did as well, but could be Wildman's - been years since I originally made it.
1st playfield update by updon719
My view on Hang Glider:
I have never seen the game in real. I understand this game as answer to Gottlieb's Surf Champ. But this is the 1st game I cooperated with my "pinball teacher" Martin Brunker (he gave me the lessons and hints when I stated from scratch 7 1/2 years ago). Not knowing what updon719 did in the meantime (thank you for that) Martin has painted a new playfield, it is now part of the game's version "d" I offer here.
What else have I changed:

- new physic (cab optimized)
- slight layout change -> reduces ball losses at outer side lanes
- pegs and rubbers now under the plastic - at the spinner
- switch lever at spinner added
- screws added where missing
- many new (nearly all) sounds e.g. gates, stand up targets, drop targets, kicker holes ....
- new sound sequences for ball release and choosing more than 1 player
- new extra ball routine (I had not seen that Jeff already corrected the flaw)
- randomize for angle and force for the kicker hole
- all lights under plastic are adjusted in brightness, lights added - not original, but looking well
- corrected scoring with the mini buttons at top of the playfield
- improved ball and ball position in the plunger lane
- new timing for ball release
- new POV for cab use
- the plastics illumination stays always on (the original behavior of all Bally EMs)
- ZIP contains game, BG and PF pics for cab users
Version 1.0e
- all object sounds in operation, you can adjust the volume with the parameter OV (objects volume) in line 15
All this in kind tribute to Jeff Whitehead.

What's New in Version 1.0e (See full changelog)

  • 1.0 Loserman76
  • 1.0a Loserman76
  • 1.0b Loserman76
  • 1.0c updon719
  • 1.0d Martin Brunker & Mustang1961
  • 1.0e Mustang1961



Is this further improved on VPW's release?  Or, entirely different build?

Is this further improved on VPW's release?  Or, entirely different build?

Looks to be an entirely different one based on the changelog.

Dec 14 2022 02:41 PM

odd choice of table since there is a rendered version available.....



Thank you for all the vintage tables much appreciated! 

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