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  • Submitted: Apr 16 2020 08:51 AM
  • Last Updated: Nov 25 2021 10:54 PM
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  • Author(s): Joseph Gofton
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Previous Versions

  • 15 Nov 2021 Download Invader 2.24 Desktop version
  • 14 Nov 2021 Download Invader 2.23 Desktop version
  • 02 Nov 2021 Download Invader 2.22 Desktop version

Download Invader 2.25 Desktop version

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VP 10.7 Desktop version only
Installation Guide
Important Message
Modification of this table is not allowed.
The table is not for sale.
The table has been uploaded to Visual Pinballs Website
It will be an illegal download from any other site.   
It should not be advertised on any other Web site except for the site that has been chosen by the Table Author/Designer. 
1. Put Invader Zip into - C: VisualPinBall \ Tables.
2. UnZip File.
3. Run the VPX.7 file.
4. Do not delete script - Table needs the external script to run
Note 1
If unable to type in a letter or number during Name Entry 
a. Check the Button Assignments, which is in the configure Keys,nudges and DOF editor.
b. change the button assignment by giving it a different key.
Note 2
Undeleted VPTemp ttf font files after Visual Pinball Table crashes 
a. Log Off
b. Log back on & delete the VPTemp0,VPTemp1 & VPTemp2 ttf fonts files from C:\Visual Pinball Main Library 
c. Open Table again 
1. Press NumberPad 1 to Start the Game.
2. Launch the ball with the down arrow key.
3. The Xwing carrousel targets will be reinforced by more 3D Xwings at some point in time. 
4. Rank the Score by keeping the Loop Circuit Active. 
5. Extra features include ScoreBooster,SkillShot,Multiball,Magna Loop,Speed Loop,Jackpots & 4 Player HighScoreboard 
Its a wicked table Enjoy!
Magna Loop shot route
1st Hit the Top left 4 x Drop Target bank. 2nd Hit Top Right 4 x Drop Target bank. 
1st Hit the Bottom right 4 x Drop Target bank. 2nd Hit Bottom left 4 x Drop Target bank.  

Carrousel Xwing
3D Xwing Invaders
Light RollOver
Loop circuit 
Loop Skillshot
Speed loop shot
Extra Balls
ArcadeRoom with Space Invader game
Target priority Hit Order
Dmd & sound Animations
4 player NameEntry
AutoCoin/Manualcoin selection
Highscore board 
3DInvader Highscore
Spinner Highscore
Extensive VisualBasic Code Library

What's New in Version 2.25 Desktop version (See full changelog)

  • ChangeLog 2.24
  • 1. More work done on the rear screens with error corrections.
  • .
  • ChangeLog 2.25
  • 1. Upgraded the nudge feature so that it emulates a pressure switch, (The nudge key will increment the nudge force until you release the key).
  • .
  • Note. Do not forget to read Note 1 & 2 which sits below the Installation guide.
  • '
  • Graphic Card Recommendation
  • - Geforce2070 with an Intel i7
  • - You may need to adjust the Video Graphics
  • - Protect your computer programs from the unwanted Trojan horse - it will slow your system down


Screenshots Screenshots

Thx :)

RTX 2070 and i7 recommended for this table?

Are You crazy or what?

A cabinet version would B fantastic

Authors comments

I apologise to all who want a cabinet version for not wanting to convert. I'm a desktop fan,although may consider it after completing my chemistry,music degree and property renovation project.   


Joseph Gofton 

Please find enclosed a link for those who have an attraction for the Blender Game Engine.


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