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  • 30 Dec 2017 Download Octopus (Nintendo 1981) 1.0a
  • 30 Dec 2017 Download Octopus (Nintendo 1981) 1.0a
  • 30 Dec 2017 Download Octopus (Nintendo 1981) 1.0

Download Octopus (Nintendo 1981) 1.0a

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nintendo octopus directb2s

So here is Nintendo Game and Watch: Octopus from 1981
So, the Story is stupid as awesome for me, because i come to this over hundreds of Ideas,
at the end i wanted to try simple Animations in a directb2s ... but first with a "Ball Barrel based" Donkey Kong on Playfield ...
Whatever, now you can Play a Game and Watch just with your Left and Right Flipper Keys ...
Sorry, directb2s only, so just mod it to a DT Version or go to your Cab with this.
Just something to do, i wanted a "Time" and there is a small "Image" Bugs, but it is full playable.
Enjoy - Happy New Year !
Here is a (Fantasy) Interview ;)
Kid: Hey cool, a new VPX Table ...
Man: No, this is not a Table ...
Kid: What, but this is a .vpx File ...
Man: Yes ...
Kid: But there is also a .directb2s File, of Course this is a Backglass...
Man: No, this is not a Backglass ...
Kid: What, but a .vpx and a .directb2s is always a Pinball ...
Man: No ...
Kid: What the Hell, then what is it ?
Man: a Game and Watch
Kid: ...

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Great job STAT!!!

Way to think out of the box!!

What a treasure this is!!

5 Stars!!

This is by far the coolest sh*t! Smartest dude ever PLEASE MAKE MORE. Just took me back to the 80s waiting at the laundry mat wishing i could play dig dug but mom wouldnt give up a quarter

Thanks Guys ...

It's in my cab and i now have a game & watch wheel. Again sweet job STAT

Wow. just WOW. Bloody genius.

Cool :) I still have some games somewhere


Coool! how do you work it? it loads up but cant do anything. Thanks

Don't Forget: 1 for Start and Flipper - left / right for Move, and - move right again (and more, 1 Point for each Grab) at the Treasure for grab Gold ;)

Jan 02 2018 04:33 PM

woooow i wait anxious from pinball, Mario, and more!!!

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