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  • Submitted: Jun 04 2015 08:08 PM
  • Last Updated: Dec 29 2016 09:00 PM
  • File Size: 38.85MB
  • Views: 8216
  • Downloads: 1,593
  • Author(s): mfuegemann
  • Manufacturer: Taito
  • Year: 1983
  • Permission to MOD?: Yes, with approval

Previous Versions

  • 10 Jun 2015 Download Ice Cold Beer (Taito 1983) FS VP9.9 1.4
  • 09 Jun 2015 Download Ice Cold Beer (Taito 1983) FS VP9.9 1.3
  • 09 Jun 2015 Download Ice Cold Beer (Taito 1983) FS VP9.9 1.3

Download Ice Cold Beer (Taito 1983) FS VP9.9 1.5

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Ice Cold Beer Taito FS

This is Ice Cold Beer by Taito, FS edition.
This game haunted me for quite a while until I was able to find a decent way to emulate the rod and ball behaviour. After I had a solution for that, my first intention was to use the table ROM. Unfortunately bringing this ROM to life is still going on and so I decided to script the table logic.
Zany sent me good images of the playfield and the playfield glass and aldiode contributed high quality recordings of the table sounds.
Arngrim has implemented the DOF code using the configuration file "LMEMDOFTables.txt" that should be placed in Your User-directory. 
He also created a static B2S backglass that is included in the download file.
True to the original machine, I use only 4 digits to display the score. The Highscore feature will track and display the correct score, though. Thanks to gtxjoe for the Highscore PostIt tutorial and the image files.
The rod is controlled by the Flipper keys (Up movement) and the MagnaSave keys (Down movement).
- the game is running without the table ROM, so You need no more files to play
- at the top of the script there is a section to define the DIP switch settings, as I found no decent way to create a menu without using pinmame.
- You can set the game to free play and hide the Highscore sticker. The scores will be saved in Your User directory also if the sticker is not visible (..\Visual Pinball\User).
- there is an option to switch the Flipper and MagnaSave keys, if You feel the need
- if Your cabinet has no MagnaSave keys, You can either update Your hardware or try the new DoubleTab feature. Double tap Your respective Flipper key for the down movement
  (to keep the initial grace time before a rod meovement to a minimum, please try to find the lowest DoubleTapTime, that is working for You)
Have fun and please use the support topic to post any findings and suggestions.

What's New in Version 1.5 (See full changelog)

  • 1.5:
  • - small code change to make the ball stable if idle



Love it.  I've seen this game, but never played it.  I may have to figure out what my magna keys are to go in reverse, but it's a blast.  Great implementation.


==> Second flipper buttons.  I'm an idiot!  :)

First, i thought: Whats this !?

But this is awesome - thanks mfuegemann :tup:

Thx!!!  :)

Fantastic. nice to have in the cab for the non pinballers. Addictive little bugger too.

And Zekes Peak too.

Thank you

One question though- How do I keep the backglass image up during play ? (i get it in attract mode)

Nice work but how do you make the backglass load please?  the .directb2s file is there but no backglass loads in the game.

Is there a setting needed in the "LMEMDOFTables.txt file?  


Thank you


just write 0, 1 or 2 into that file, depending on the result You want:
0 no B2S
1 B2S but no DOF
2 B2S and DOF


I created "LMEMDOFTables.txt" in table directory then moved it to user directory; file contains one character "1" and this does not start backglass.

Why this can't be done normal way via table script or at least CLEARLY explained on download page?! :(

What am I doing wrong? Should I put this file in different directory or change file contents or what?

Thx again for the B2S file!


Regards :)

brilliant ! thank you so much for this. I imagine getting the physics for the rod and ball suitable for the table must have been a nightmare!


the music also, so nice


highly original and very addictive !!

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