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How hard is it to convert VP8 to VPX

convert to vpx

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#1 Greynurse



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Posted 16 March 2019 - 05:40 AM

Hi guys and gals,


Being a bit slow to dip my toe in the VPX pool, I've amassed a lot of VP8 and VP9 tables. But eventually I found that my PC could handle VPX after all (A bit light on in processing power, but it still chugs along). A few weeks ago I inadvertently assigned VpinballX.exe instead of Vpinball.exe to a VP8 table in the front end program. I was surprised that the table not only loaded, but with a few quick mods to kickers and flippers and related script, I could actually play the table!

However, there were some obvious changes that need to be made. For instance, much of the table is a washed out pink in colour where no image is assigned. I have a feeling that, as well as other visual issues, might need materials imported and assigned to effect a fix. Also the bumpers didn't work. And obviously the script would need an overhaul.

The question is, is it worth doing? Obviously the target tables would be ones that haven't been released in VP9 or VPX yet. I know Duglis is keen for someone to overhaul many of his VP8 efforts.

Even if I could upgrade the images, there's a lot that seems to require much work for one person. Or am I scaring myself out of a something worthwhile attempting?





#2 mfuegemann


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Posted 16 March 2019 - 09:00 AM

Hi Nursie,


most of the VP8 tables will not have the image quality You would want for a new VPX table. The lamp, switch and solenoid assignments and some of the coded table features will be valuable, though.

The best way - even for VP9 tables, is to start a new table. So You have full control of the properties and material settings of all elements You use.

Be aware of some approaches the older tables used, as the main target have been desktop tables at that time. Some of the animations and even 3D object effects have been done by placing decals and walls in a weird way so that the result will look like a rendered table. Here You have to find better solutions, using primitives or placing real walls and table objects.

The improved physics and look together with new features as DOF, VR and so on are well worth the effort.


Good luck


#3 Greynurse



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Posted 16 March 2019 - 09:20 AM



I thought the old assignments might be a bit too crude for VPX. Still, it never hurts to ask. Thanks Michael.



#4 gtxjoe


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Posted 16 March 2019 - 01:20 PM

Making cabinet FS tables might not work so well

If you are trying to convert VP8 desktop tables to VPX desktop tables, I would think that would work fine. Sure there may be some old techniques that have to be updated. But, i would think in the end you would get a table that looks like the VP8 version but with better physics

#5 sliderpoint


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Posted 16 March 2019 - 07:11 PM

Of course you should also do a quick google search to make sure a VPX version of that table hasn't already been created by someone.  I know there have been a lot at this point.



#6 32assassin


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Posted 16 March 2019 - 07:52 PM

if you really want to "convert" a VP8 or 9 table to VPX  take a look at this 





I used quotes on convert because their is no such thing as

future pinball to VPX conversion

VP8/9 to VPX conversion


if you watch the video you will see that Hein Mueck eventually replaces everything 


this are not conversions they are complete rebuilds using  VPX components.

Same thing happens with Future Pinball tables,  

You import a Future Pinball into Blender -->  export primitives  -->  build a table in VPX using the primitives exported from blender and VPX objects.



and FYI

if you don't have better looking media (Playfield + Plastics)  I would say don't bother trying to rebuild the table because

1. it will not look good in VPX with the VPX GI lighting

2. as Hein Mueck mentions in the video most VP8 tables where built with incorrect table dimensions ( a full rebuilt is needed with correct  table dimensions)


but then again if you really want to VP8 table in VPX   feel free to do so.  I really want Police force (only a VP8 is available)   but I will not build it because I don't have

any HQ resources to build it.

My Files
My Table List
See a table you like, help me complete it by finding the missing resources

#7 toxie


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Posted 16 March 2019 - 08:30 PM

Rascal did a bunch of VP8 conversions, btw. (for example https://www.vpforums...showfile=14090)

#8 rascal


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Posted 16 March 2019 - 11:58 PM

What I do is....


1. Open VPX and cancel the auto opening of a table.

2. Then open the .vpt table via file open and change the of type box from .vpx to .vpt in the open dialog box's bottom right corner.

3. Then I highlight the whole table so that everything is selected. Then I go to Edit and Set Default Physics. Do you really want to...? Yes

4. Then save the table as a .vpx (make sure you don't run the table until you have done all this, otherwise VPX might crash)

5. Now try to run the table. You will probably get a series of errors in the script which you will have to weed through like one at a time. However VP8 tables have less errors because there are less complex hacks in them (for cabs and such).

6. Then you have to go through the whole table basically and pick materials for every visible object on the table. Oh you will have to import materials from other peoples tables too or from the example table supplied with VPX.

7. Lastly you set it up to run with the new controller.vbx file and set it up for Desktop and Full Screen modes. Also set up DOF for full screen cab users.


There is no way I can explain it in great detail, because you end up running into many different issues that you have to be smart about and figure out. With the errors that the script throws at you, I google search for what they say and I note what line its on. Sometimes however it will say its the first line in the script which is usually Option Explicit, which is not really the cause. This is where it gets tricky and you have to find where it actually is. An example of this is when converting from VP9 to VPX and the VP9 table has the older flashers with .alpha. VPX does not have .alpha for flashers. This is why I say it is not easy to explain what you will run into error wise, and you have to be a VP script detective to get past some of this. Its not like doing an easy flip like someone accused me of. LOL! 


I do sometimes replace just about everything on the table, such as with Mario Andretti. Steely co-authored this table with me and was a big help with the car spinner. So many changes to that one that I would not even call it a conversion, but it did start with a VP8 version.


It takes some work to go from vp8/vp9 to VPX. VPX is not backwards compatible with those versions. Anyway, good luck.

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