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  • Added on: Apr 16 2013 07:55 PM
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Balls per Game Adjustment - Playmatic of Spain MPU-2

Procedure to adjust number of balls per game on Playmatic MPU-2 tables

Posted by ta2686 on Apr 16 2013 07:55 PM
Here is the procedure to set the number of balls on Playmatic MPU-2 tables:
1. Press 7 to enter adjustments menu
2. Continue to press 7 until you see 18 in the credit display
3. Press 1 to change the value in the player 1 display. Setting this value to 0 sets the game to 3 balls, setting this value to 1 sets the game to 5 balls
4. Press F3 to save changes and reset the table.
This procedure should work for the following tables:

Playmatic of Spain MPU-2 tables:

More tables will be added once they are emulated