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  • Added on: Apr 16 2013 07:09 PM
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Balls per Game Adjustment - Stern MPU-100 and MPU-200

Procedure to adjust number of balls per game on Stern MPU-100 and MPU-200 tables

Posted by ta2686 on Apr 16 2013 07:09 PM
Here is the procedure to set number of balls on Stern MPUs M-100 and M-200.
1. Press F6 to bring up dipswitch menu
2. In the balls per game section, click on the radio button to select 3 balls or 5 balls
3. Click OK button to save changes
4. Press F3 to reset the table

This procedure should work for the following tables:

Stern M-100 tables:

Pinball, Stingray, Stars, Memory Lane*, Lectronamo, Wild Fyre, Nugent, Dracula, Trident, Hot Hand^, Cosmic Princess, Magic

Stern M-200 tables:

Meteor, Galaxy, Ali*, Big Game, Sea Witch, Cheetah, Quicksilver, Star Gazer, Flight 2000, Nine Ball, Free Fall, Lightning, Split Second, Catacomb, Iron Maiden, Viper, Cue, Dragon Fist^, Orbitor 1, Lazer Lord^

*- for these tables, press F7 to bring up the dipswitch menu
^- for these tables, there is no custom dipswitch menu, click on Dipswitch 7 to set for 5 balls, off for 3 balls