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Replay Adjustment - Alvin G

The procedure to adjust replay levels for Alvin G tables

Posted by ta2686 on Mar 02 2013 08:32 PM
Here is the procedure to adjust replay levels on Alvin G tables:
1. Press 7 key to enter menu system
2. Press 7 key to enter adjustments menu
3. Press 7 key to enter standard adjustments
4, You should see replay score displayed.  Press 7 key to adjust this score.
5. Use the zero (0) key to lower the score by 10,000,000 points per press, use the 9 key to raise the score 10,000,000 per press.
(NOTE: For Punchy the Clown, it is 1,000,000 points per press)
6. When you reach the score you wish to set, press 7 key to accept the score.
7. To exit the menu system, press the 8 key several times.
This procedure should work for the following tables:
Alvin G tables:
Al’s Garage Band Goes on World Tour, Mystery Castle, Punchy the Clown
For Pistol Poker, there are some differences:
When you reach step 4, you will see number of replay levels.  You can change this by pressing 7 to adjust the number, using 9 to raise the number of replay levels or 0 to lower it.  This can be set between 0 and 4. Then press 9 to go to the first replay level (if it does not go there automatically after changing the number of replays or if you chose not to change the number of replay levels)
Step 5 will be the same for the first replay level.  If, however, you chose more than one replay level, press 9 to go to the next replay level, and repeat step 5 above.  You can do this for all replays you had selected.