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  • Added on: Sep 29 2012 07:36 PM
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Balls per Game Adjustment - Bally 17 and 35

The procedure to set number of balls on Bally 17 and 35 MPU tables.

Posted by ta2686 on Sep 29 2012 07:36 PM
ROM adjustments number of balls
Here is the procedure to set number of balls on Bally 17 and 35 MPU tables:

1. Press F6 to bring up dipswitch menu

2. In the balls per game section, click the radio button to select 3 balls or 5 balls

3. Click OK button to save your changes

4. Press F3 to reset the table

This procedure should work for the following tables:

Bally 17 tables:

Bow and Arrow*, Freedom, Night Rider, Black Jack, Evel Knievel, Eight Ball, Power Play, Mata Hari, Strikes and Spares

Bally 35 tables:

Lost World, Six Million Dollar Man, Playboy, Voltan Escapes Cosmic Doom, Future
Spa, Star Trek, Paragon, Kiss, Harlem Globetrotters, Supersonic, Dolly Parton,
Nitro Groundshaker, Silverball Mania, Space Invaders, Rolling Stones,
Hotdoggin', Mystic, Viking, Skateball, Frontier, Xenon, Flash Gordon, Eight Ball
Deluxe (both standard and limited editions), Fireball II, Embryon, Fathom,
Medusa, Centaur, Elektra, Vector, Rapid Fire, Mr. & Mrs. Pacman, Speakeasy (both 2 and 4 player editions), Spectrum, Centaur II, BMX, Grand Slam, X's & O's, Kings of Steel, Black Pyramid, Spy Hunter, Fireball Classic, Cybernaut

In addition, the following games will also work with this procedure:

Bell Games^: Fireball II, Fantasy, Pinball, Pinball Pool, Tiger Rag, Super Bowl, New Wave, Saturn 2

Geiger-Automada: Space Rider, Fly High (conversion kit), Wild Schϋtz (conversion kit), Stellar Airship (conversion kit). Dark Rider (conversion kit), Lady Death (conversion kit), Magic Eight (conversion kit), Race Stars (conversion kit - not recreated yet)

Arkon-Autometer: Sexy Girl

Komplatt: Fly High, Miss World

Bally Wulff: Cybernaut

Zacarria: Mystic Star

Nuova Bell: Space Hawks, F1 Grand Prix

I. D. I.: Movie Masters

Astro Games: Black Sheep Squadron**

Grand Products: 301 Bullseye (conversion kit)

*- For this game, options are between 1 ball and 8 balls
^- For these games, options are between 2 balls and 5 balls
** - For this game, there is no custom dipswitch menu, you need to check dipswitch 7 to on for 5 balls or off for 3 balls