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  • Submitted: Mar 21 2012 02:34 PM
  • Last Updated: --
  • File Size: 26.59MB
  • Views: 9745
  • Downloads: 2,737
  • Author(s): jpsalas
  • Manufacturer: Gottlieb
  • Year: 1991

Download Class of 1812 VP912 1.0FS 1.0.0

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Based on the 1991 table by Gottlieb.

This is a conversion of my VP8 table. I have kept a few objects like I made them 5 years ago, mostly posts and rubbers. Why you may ask? Nostalgia? Yeah, something like this smile.gif

Thanks Grizz for the help with the flashers, now you can see how they look with color.

This table uses graphics with a size of 1024x2048 (or similar), so if they don't work on your computer you may need to reduce the graphics to a max of 1024 in the VP settings.


Thank you very much the Class of 1812 pinrap great table I LOVE IT THANKZ! you do such great high quality work i love these updated fullscreen tables clapping.gif Worship.gif
Looks fun but doesnt register the coin drop or start button so I cant start it, i have the latest rom
any ideas?
Mar 22 2012 08:08 PM
JP Salas .... you are the man !!!!! You always put your heart into it and make an amazing reproduction, and the game plays GREAT !!! You deserve all the praise in the world and many thanks for the tables you provide for all of us.
Mar 22 2012 08:16 PM
Smeghead....if you have it set up as a cabinet, make sure your mouse is on the playfield section and hit F3 to reload. Also, in the script, change VPinMAME.Controller to UltraVP.BackglassServ. Hide the section of the script pertaining to the DMD and add the timer to your table for LEDs, along with the script needed to run the LEDs. Last, make sure you have all the required info in your Hyperpin editor and that you have the UVP file. I hope that helps.
Wierd, tried all that same results

Funny thing is no matter what the DMD is doing, when I press the coin button it immediately changes to the All zeros screen but no coin is registered

This is my 89th table and the only time ive seen this
I'm not sure exactly how I got there (I think it was 7, left-shift, 7 a bunch of times until setting 9 [left coin chute] showed up, then right-shift to increase the number from zero, then 7 to get to right coin chute setting, then right-shift, then 7, then F3 then saved everything and exited program, then started it up again and it worked. (kind of vague, but I'm hoping someone adds clearer instructions or a pointer to find instructions on changing game settings).
error line 47 settings not supported?

I added in led timer and active backglass script, tried to load table and got error line 47.
Wahreez McDermot
Apr 28 2012 02:21 PM
I was just playing your earlier VP9 version of class of 1812. Not sure if you released it as FS or if I did it, but, this new version is looking much sweeter!

Thx for all the work JP! Now for some William Tell Overture action!
Nov 14 2013 04:42 AM

I didn't even know this table existed until the pinball arcade had it.  Then I downloaded this one.  Awesome and weirdly fun.  Love the 1812 overture and the tables you make always play very well for me.  I really want to learn how to build tables.  Hugely fun.  Thank You!

I cant get this thing to except credits, Just stuck wont start. I got into some settings by pressing 7 but no Coin Door options, Look like it might be fun

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