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  • Submitted: Jul 09 2010 05:16 PM
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  • Author(s): Pinballwzd
    Tom Niwinski
    Steve Paradis
  • Year: 2010

Download Alien Pinball Legacy 1.0

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In Space, No one can hear you Tilt

Re-live the Aliens Experience. Move through the modes while you hold back the Aliens.
Go for the Nostromo Jackpot, rack up points via the Super Spinner and try to survive Legacy Multiball !

Zip File contains :

Alien Legacy Pinball.fpt
Alien Legacy Flyer 1
Alien Legacy Flyer 2
Alien Legacy Rules
Alien Legacy Shot Map

Note: This table is not to be use for commercial purposes, nor to be hosted on any other server or website for further distribution. It is for personal use only.

hmmmm, I got a script error before when i played the game, and was ready to get the second ball.

Script error on line 237 !!!!! dry.gif


Awesome! Good art, good design, great fun!
erstmal vielen dank für die vielen schönen Stunden mit dem Emulator cool.gif cool.gif cool.gif cool.gif

otvwimper.gif Leider gibt es einige tabel,die ich nicht spielen kann mit dem Emulator wie z.b eben Alien Pinball Legacy warum auch immer???
Vielleicht kann mir ja jemand erklären wie und warum es so nicht klappt???

Trotzdem möchte ich noch einmal vielen dank sagen für die anderen spiele die klappen und vor allem für die VIELE VIELE VIELE ARBEIT DIE IN DER BEARBEITUNG STECKT Worship.gif Worship.gif Worship.gif Worship.gif Worship.gif Worship.gif
Thank you very much
Amazing. Thank you!

Great work!

Dec 01 2015 01:18 PM


Jose cordeiro
Apr 05 2016 10:08 PM

Amazing, congratulations

As this may only be at 1.0, this is a great table! Zen Pinball just released their version of Aliens Pinball recently, but I have to say that I am abit partial to THIS one! It's an old table, but still great to play on! "We're all on the express elevator going to hell, going down!"

I imagine this would be a good time....if i wasn't getting slapped with a script error 237  constantly.  Future pinball is pretty janky from what i can tell.  :/

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