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  • Submitted: Jun 13 2010 02:58 AM
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  • File Size: 52.63MB
  • Views: 14776
  • Downloads: 5,255
  • Author(s): jpsalas
  • Manufacturer: Stern
  • Year: 2004
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  • Permission to MOD?: No

Previous Versions

  • 15 Jun 2010 Download Elvis VP9 1.02FS 1.0.2

Download Elvis VP912 FS 2.0.0

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Based on Stern's table from 2004

This is the FS version of the table

Here are the 3 ways to use the sound in this table:

1.- Using only the ROM (the default)
2.- Using only the samples
3.- Using the samples and the ROM sound, but the volume of the ROM is 0.

How to:

1.- Using the ROM
The table is adjusted to use the rom sound, but you need a fast computer.

2.- Using the samples
If your computer is old you will hear distorted rom sounds and you'll need to do turn off the rom sound:

Go to line 62
.Games(cGameName).Settings.Value("sound") = 1
and change 1 to 0:
.Games(cGameName).Settings.Value("sound") = 0

Go to line 50
' Set MotorCallback = GetRef("TrackSounds")
and remove the ':
Set MotorCallback = GetRef("TrackSounds")

Save the table
Now the table will use the rom samples. The only problem is that Elvis will not dance, since it seems it is activated by the rom when playing some sounds, and rememebr you just turned off the rom sounds smile.gif

3.- Using samples and rom sound on together.
There is a third option if your computer is neither old but not very fast either. The option consist in using the samples for the sound (as in option 2), but at the same time the rom sound is turned on, but the sound volume of the rom is turned down.

This is:
You set the line 50 to track the sounds:
Set MotorCallback = GetRef("TrackSounds")

but line 62 is:
.Games(cGameName).Settings.Value("sound") = 1

this is the ROM is turned on. Now you need to run the table and to press the 9 key until the rom sound is completely off.

Now Elvis will dance also using the samples.

Update 1.01 - 14 June 2010

- fixed left ramp, ball hit the ramp and got nearly stuck under it.
- changed some settings for better control of the ball, f.ex. it is possible to pass the ball from flipper to flipper.
-changed some graphics

Update 1.02:
- Fixed (again smile.gif ) the ball getting stuck under the ramp
- New stereo Elvis sounds from Johanpsu. You'll need to run the table using the samples to listen to them smile.gif
- adjusted some rubbers

What's New in Version 2.0.0 (See full changelog)

  • Update 2.0: mostly the standard in my new updates:
  • - New higher resolution graphics
  • - new settings for the slope and flippers
  • - new script with ball collision and rolling sounds
  • - new plunger and support for the motion plunger



Thank you for this info !
when i run in VP the sound is good, but when i run in hp the siunds missing, any idea?
Thanks so much for FS conversion smile.gif
Damn. The sound is bad even with a really good computer. sad.gif

Anyone can fix this?

I love this game. It was kinda expensive so I did not play as much as I wanted that time I had chance to play it.
JP is so awesome! Thank you for your hard work and time creating this awesome table (and of course, all of your other incredible work!).
Flying Dutchman
Oct 15 2012 10:29 PM
Thanks for your time and effort to do this magnificent update JPSalas! :)

Oct 16 2012 12:47 PM
Great work JPSalas, this table is gorgeous and really a blast to play. The sound is great using samples, although I have got to get a better PC so I can use this and a few other Stern tables with UVP.
This is the only table my wife goes nuts over. When she sees it now I will loose my cab for the night, maybe the week!

Hmmmm.....I though your picture was Poppa Smurf, but are you actually Santa Claus?
Awesome job - I never knew that I could enjoy Elvis!!!! It's really fun :)
Apr 06 2013 03:42 AM

Does anybody have a problem with the video mode?  When I get to a video mode, it does not start and gives me 0 points.

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