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  • Submitted: Feb 14 2010 05:18 AM
  • Last Updated: Sep 10 2011 06:21 PM
  • File Size: 18.5MB
  • Views: 22696
  • Downloads: 8,881
  • Author(s): jpsalas
  • Manufacturer: Bally
  • Year: 1996

Download Scared Stiff VP91x v1.4.4FS 1.4.4

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Based on the Scared Stiff table from Bally made in 1996, with some additions like the skull pile lights and the boogie dancers.

This is the basic FS version. This version does include all the graphics and reels for the spider wheel and backdrop lights, but they are disabled. Now it is up to you to adapt the table to the system you are using, uvp or spanned. I guess some other author/group will make a mod for your system. Both highrise and I are available for questions.

New in 1.1
- fixed some bugs (script errors)
- made the table faster and it uses less video memory.
- added the "up" key to show the backdrop. This is for users with just one screen. The reels aren't rotated so still the images can be used to be moved to the second monitor.

Update 1.3
I decided to update only this reduced version to VP91x, since I want this table to play as fast as it can.

New in this version:
- Alpha ramps
- New settings
- New bone flippers: angle independent
- Remove the big images for the spider and lights since most of you uses these FS tables with UVP, so they aren't really needed. I added the spider lights to the apron, in case any on of uses just a single screen. If you have a 2 screen setup and don't like the lights then just move them out of the table smile.gif
- Of course there are also higher resolution playfield and plastics.

1.3.1 Updated 16 April
- tried to fix the ball disappearing during multiball.
- changed the flipper lanes for a smoother ball flow

1.3.2 Update 16 April
- Thanks to Sheltemke for pointing out where the ball got stuck. I think this one is taken cared now smile.gif

1.3.3 Updated 17 April
- tried to fix the ball falling through the skull ramp. To fix that I made all the alpha ramps non collidable and I have added normal invisible ramps. Let's hope those ramps will not leave holes for the ball to fall through.
- made the sw37 kicker more random
- changed all the sounds to 22Khz.
- added abetter wheel with the spider and lights to the apron. I guess this is for the people with just one monitor (like me smile.gif )

Update 1.4
- Changed the flashers, now using alpha ramps.
- added a flasher under the left ramp
- changed a few settings.

(reuploaded the table to fix the decal on one of the spider lights)

Update 1.4.1 4 September 2011
- fixed skillshot
- added ball collision and rolling sounds
- added support for prototype rom
- adjusted flipper settings
- made the flashers brighter

Update 1.4.2
- fixed (I hope smile.gif ) the collision script.

1.4.3 Updated 9 september
- fixed uppersling script error
- fixed multiball ball collision error.
- fixed ball getting stuck in 2 gates

1.4.4 Last fix for the ball collision smile.gif

great work, i like much of table, thanks!!!
Thanks so much for FS conversion smile.gif
Thanks for update JP, this table is very much fun in FS. Awesome!!!!!!
Thank you jpsalas . Beatifull Table. biggrin.gif
Thanks very much,one of my fav tables
The Table both plays and looks great. Thank you for updating and continuing to bring us closer and closer to ideal.
Awesome Table JP. I was wondering how to move the spider off the apron so it runs in the backglass using UVP? Thanks.
Great work. Thanks very much JP. clapping.gif
Another 5 star table!
Thanks very much

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