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Download Attack From Mars [Active Backglass] 1.0.0

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'Active Backglass' - Attack From Mars

Please find below the result of our 'Active Backglass' / 'Animated Backglass' experiment to add more Gameplay to a Virtual Pinball Table by adding a second screen with the actual
active backglass instead of a static one.

With a little table-script adjustment (without changing the actual table) the backglass will be loaded automatically upon start of the table in question
(thanks again GRONI for the general idea which got bbastyr and myself onto the final script on how it is loaded/done today).

It varies between 16 - 24 different images played after each other and so it simulates a backglass of a real pinball machine.

It is not bound to 16-9, FS, 4:3 tables so it can be used at all setups at all times (with or without the HyperPin Frontend).

This is also the reason why I release them (with the mutual agreement of the original Table-authors (thanks again TAB/Destruk/JPSalas/Lord Hiryu, GRONI),

As it is not shipped/changed with an adjusted table script already but a copy/paste adjustment in the tablescript done by yourself instead, an authorisation of the
actual author of the table should not even be necessary, as discussed in earlier threads.

I know VP Flash will be available soon and the second release of it will also support ROM supported animated backlasses.
This is a fantastic step forward and we should be grateful to BadBoyBill and Billpa and all of the HyperPin Team for putting such effort and time to take VP to a next
level including 'Active Backglass Support'.

To start off with please find attached the zip file containing an .exe and instructions on how adjust the table script and so to auto-load an
'Active Backglass' version of Indiana Jones, Lord Of The Rings, Cactus Canyon, Scared Stiff, The Shadow and Attack From Mars.

Please be aware it will hammer your graphic card even more than the normal 'hit' while using a 'static' 2 screen setup.
All was tested well without any stuggering with a 256 Meg card.

Thanks to all for your support and suggestions and a BIG THANKS to WWW, Unclewilly and destruk for showing me the way on how to create an 'active-one' best
in PS4.

There's more to come .. soon.


Thanks for all your Active Backglasses, all what i need is a second Monitor dblthumb.gif

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