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  • Submitted: Sep 15 2022 03:00 AM
  • Last Updated: Oct 27 2022 03:14 PM
  • File Size: 394.21MB
  • Views: 5309
  • Downloads: 1,475
  • Author(s): endeemillr, armyaviation, Tom, BorgDog, Bord, Thalamus and Arngrim
    Backglass: Wildman, endeemillr
  • Manufacturer: Gottlieb
  • Year: 1985
  • IPDB Link:
  • Permission to MOD?: No

Previous Versions

  • 22 Oct 2022 Download Ice Fever (Gottlieb 1985) NHL Mod.vpx 2.1

Download Ice Fever (Gottlieb 1985) NHL Mod.vpx 2.2

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Now, with fully functioning backglasses! No longer relies on the Pinmame LCD display or Freezy's Alphanumeric displays (although they are still beautiful and superior!)
Modification of Armyaviation's Ice Fever that allows selecting home and away teams from all 32 NHL franchises. Hold down left magnasave to change away team with left/right flippers, and hold down the right magnasave to change home team.  Holding down either or both magnasaves and pressing the launch button advances team selection by an entire division.  The program might freeze for a few seconds to change teams. You can hold down both magnasaves to change both teams at once. Teams are arranged by division and then alphabetical by city.
Thanks to Armyaviation for allowing to modify his table. I never could have done it from scratch!. Also thanks to Wildman for letting me use his backglass as a starting point.  His original backglass still works with this table.  The included backglasses all show the team uniform changes and the scores and other backglass stuff. There is a "Classic" Version, mostly like Wildman's Backglass, a "City LED" version which simulates an alphanumeric display showing team names/cities, and a Widescreen version, specifically formatted for 16:9 screens that includes team logos.
I included setup instructions to help anyone with the alphanumeric displays and a new wheel image. Do you wish to use a retired uniform or college team? I also included the photoshop template I made to create the playfield and backglass images.

What's New in Version 2.2 (See full changelog)

  • Finally, proper, fully functioning backglasses that show team changes, scores, and all other backglass stuff with no need for Pinmame LCD or Freezy DMDExt windows to be dragged onto it!
  • Minor fix to shooting puck animation. Minor tweaks to script to remove duplicate backglass commands.
  • Changed b2s and table to fix disappearing flyers and rangers on backglass. Must update both table and b2s to work.
  • Created b2s files that also change team colors.
  • Updated all team playfield graphics, fixing errors.
  • Combined two tables into one with 32 teams plus original graphics.
  • Decreased time to load team changes by about half.
  • Added option to skip teams by division using magnasaves + launch button.


Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots

Sep 15 2022 04:00 PM

oh yeah, love this!  I made me a Custom St. Louis Blues backglass to go with it too.  


Fantastic job!  Thanks for the modifications and, of course, ArmyAviation for the original table. I had not playe dthe original i some time but this will be in the regular rotation now. 

Sep 16 2022 03:28 PM

Very well done!! Thank you

found the rom here:  https://pinballnirva.../icefever.3350/


Hopefully it works

Oct 21 2022 05:24 PM

Great job sir works well! 

This is so damn great. I got the DMD to appear on my 3rd screen but I'd prefer Freezy but I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong since it's not appearing..

Oct 21 2022 08:27 PM
This was marked DO NOT MOD without approval!
Oct 21 2022 08:46 PM

This was marked DO NOT MOD without approval!

You better change it because right now it actually says yes, with approval.


Awesome job on the table mod.   One question ---  The team names display correctly on the b2s.   However, the scores won't display in their b2s spots.   The only way I can get the scores to display is using vanilla DMDEXT (which puts them in the single DMDEXT box), but I want to be able to have the scores displayed in the b2s slots like the backglass screenshots.   What am I missing?



EDIT -- I have this working now.   I read the setup.txt included which was excellent.   The only thing that differed on my setup is that I needed to edit DmdDevice.ini instead of Dmdext.ini

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