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  • Submitted: Mar 30 2022 06:32 PM
  • Last Updated: Aug 14 2022 06:13 AM
  • File Size: 19.25MB
  • Views: 9209
  • Downloads: 3,531
  • Author(s): jpsalas
  • Manufacturer: Williams
  • Year: 1988
  • IPDB Link:
  • ROM: Link to ROM
  • Permission to MOD?: Yes, with approval

Previous Versions

  • 31 Mar 2022 Download JP's Cyclone (Williams 1988) 1.0.1

Download JP's Cyclone (Williams 1988) 4.0.0

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Based on the Williams table from 1988.
The table has been made using parts of Sliderpoint's Cyclone, so many thanks to him for allowing me to mod his table. But instead of just doing a mod I rebuilt the table and I used some parts of his table, like the wheel and the wall plastics :) This way I could rebuild the table much faster and make the rubbers and other objects the way I do my tables and physics.
I also would like to thank Balutito and AnonTet for their ideas of a dark theme and inspiration, even if they didn't participate directly on the table. 
This table is dedicated to Fourbanks, since he asked me to make this dark version.
This is another of my series of tables called "JP's..." so this means it is similar to the original, but not exactly. In this table only the graphics are different, the layout and game play should be the same. 
I have added a lot of lights to the table, so maybe it is a little too much, but there were so many flashers that I wanted to add them all.
About the backdrop wheel: yes it moves just in 16 steps. I wanted a nice wheel, not a distorted one, and I wanted lights and flashers, and the only thing I could use for the wheel was a reel. As you may know reels don't rotate so I had to make 16 images of the wheel to be used in the reel. Maybe later if VPX supports for other objects on the backdrop, like flashers or primitives, then I'll make a better wheel :)
So this table also is small in size, but the playfield and plastics graphics are 2048x4096, so the table will look nice on your cabinets :)
And if the table isn't dark enough for you, I have added the LEFT and Right CTRL keys to make it darker (just 10 steps), as in all my latest tables.
I don't know if the table plays better than Sliderpoint's table, but at least is a small download :) 

What's New in Version 4.0.0 (See full changelog)

  • 4.0.0 Updated 14.08.2022
  • - Updated to my VPX7 physics
  • - Added my VPX7 LUT changer to darker the table (hold down LEFT CTRL while change with RIGHT CTRL). Including GI brightness adjustment. Use the LUT changer together with the day/night slider to give the table the level of darkness you prefer.
  • - Updated my mechanical set of sounds to a more "under the glass" sound, as people seem to like those kind of sounds better.
  • - a few changes here and there
  • 1.0.1 Updated 31.03.2022
  • - Fixed ball getting lost in the boomerang subway. It is still not 100%, but it is better than before :)
  • 1.0.0 Released 30.03.2022



and a fraction of the table size of the 1.5 version i have!

pinball lover
Mar 30 2022 07:19 PM

I gave this Table a Five Star Rating!

The dark theme gives the table a very different feel, which is to my liking as are the lights all around. Reminds me of the fireworks in the summer vacations carnivals that went on into the night.



Plays very well and time will pass fast if you don't pay attention to the watch.


2 thumbs and toe up :D

Nice take on this! And 9.2MB? JP magic once again!

Muchas gracias Juan Pablo.

Mar 30 2022 10:11 PM

awesome, love the darker feel...

awesome work.As always.Thanks

Una joya, muchas gracias por tan gran trabajo JP.


Beautiful Table,  a master of file size frugality . Thank You JP!

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