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  • 22 May 2022 Download JP's Space Cadet 1.0.4
  • 06 Sep 2021 Download JP's Space Cadet 1.0.3
  • 30 Aug 2021 Download JP's Space Cadet 1.0.2

Download JP's Space Cadet 1.0.5

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space cadet 1995 cinematronics maxis

This is a table for VPX 10.7, based on the game by Cinematronics/Maxis from 1996. Graphics and layout are my own interpretation. The rules are/should be quite close to the original game as described in this guide: 3d-pinball-space-cadet. But in this table I have added the multiball as in the Fulltilt! version published by Maxix in 1996.
There are some differences between the Maxis version and the Microsoft game, but mostly they are:
- the multiball that doesn’t exist in the Microsoft version
- the replay or extra ball, which is limited to just 1 per ball, not like in Microsoft which they are infinite
- the wormholes work a little different as they give you both the multiball and also the replay ball.
Other than that, the rules are pretty much the same. The missions and the rest are the same.
The goal of the game is to progress in rank from Space Cadet to Fleet Admiral. This is achieved by selecting and completing a series of missions. New and more challenging missions become available as you progress in rank.
Missions are selected through the mission target bank on the left side of the table.
You select a mission by sending the ball up the launch ramp. If a mission is accepted, you have must perform a sequence of tasks to complete it. When you complete a mission, one or more progress lights are turned on. When all the progress lights are on, you move up in rank.  The types of missions you must complete depend on your current rank.
The DMD will use FlexDMD when used in a cabinet. The DMD will always show you some info about the current mission and of course your current score.
I have added a few extras to make the table more “modern”, but keeping all of the old game.
Thanks to teisen for the space ship as shown in the backdrop, and for suggesting the table. He will upload a db2s for the table.
Rules can be found here: RULES
Video explaining the rules of the Maxis full version: VIDEO
So, have fun!
PS: I made the table as if it was a real table and not a game, so it is not as easy as the game, and the shots are more difficult than in the game. But still it is an easy game, with a lot of extra balls, and replays, which should let let you advance your rank quite high. Maybe it is not a table for die hard pin heads, as it may be too easy for them, but I guess kids will have some fun as we did back in 1995 :)

What's New in Version 1.0.5 (See full changelog)

  • 1.0.5 Updated 23.05.2022
  • - Fixed typo in the script.
  • 1.04 Updated 09.10.2021
  • - a few small fixes at the end of the ball. Maybe they were already fixed in version 1.02.
  • - Fixed tilted sound.
  • - Added some missing game sounds
  • - changed the flipper physics
  • - added sidewalls
  • - changed environment image
  • - fixed multiball lights (asteroids)
  • 1.03 Updated 06.09.2021
  • - added more DOF commands, thanks to outhere
  • 1.02 Updated 30.08.2021
  • - Fixed several problems with the highscore entry.
  • - Fixed playfield multiplier not resetting right and may be causing problems for the next player.
  • - Fixed several other timers not reseting at a new ball, also causing problems fr the next player.
  • 1.0.1 Updated 29.08.2021
  • - Fixed multiball ball counting.
  • - Added a 3 ball multiball when finishing Maelstrom
  • - Fixed scoring not working sometimes. That happened after the playfield multiplier got a wrong value of 0.
  • 1.0.0 Released 28.08.2021



thx a lot for some "windows 95" memories.

good work !!

Awesome! Thank you!


Thank you, Great work as always!!

Grand merci Mr Salas
Vinted table super !

Bravo !!

the old window's flipper game ! thank you JP Salas

Superb @jpsalas thanks so much.

Another classic from the king of virtual pinball himself. Magic JP. Awesome as usual  Congratulations

Cooool, cant wait to play this tonight.   Thanxxxxxxx

haha nice, my first digital pinball remaked by JP

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