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  • Submitted: May 17 2021 06:27 PM
  • Last Updated: Jun 11 2022 02:17 PM
  • File Size: 159.06MB
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  • Author(s): JLouLoulou MeDiSt Mikcab
  • Manufacturer: Williams
  • Year: 1992
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  • Permission to MOD?: No

Previous Versions

  • 17 May 2021 Download Fish Tales JLMD Edition beta 0.5

Download Fish Tales JLMD Edition beta 0.8

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Fish Tales

Hi fisherman's,
!! Please read all below !!
Here a new version of Fish Tales for VPX. A project that we want to do since long time. It a new version based on the original Pinball58 version. The objective is to remake all the elements, physics, 3D, texture, lighting... Initial objective was to release an entirely reworked and finished table on May, but due to the life come first and be imprevisible for some of us, the project is in "stand b"y since 4 month ago, or, at least, on very slow development. So with MeDiSt, we decided to release it as "beta" version". It's at an advanced status, but lot of job need to do more to be a finished table. So now, it's like a Long Term Project.
Whats need to do:
- Finish new 3D plastic with their new texture from MeDiSt ( Plastic from upper area on PF are note update for now )
- Add new sound and update them with SSF ( 0 % )
- Fine tune the physics
- Finish the lighting, for preveting glicth for exemple
- Add attachment for ramps and lot of little missing details
- Add option in script for Ramps with decals or original
- Making polish for the overall work..
- And more..
So, we are opened mind for good team or skilled creator to join us to help us in this project. PM us to discuss about it.
I share my resource from MEGA. Also, some of them are on my PC, and not on my MEGA for now or not up to date:
Please not if some of us make their own update, please don't publish it like its your "version" until she's not finished. I share what we do for each one want to see how and what we make, like i made for SG and Shaq Attaq.
Here you can find the beautifull new Backglass from MeDiST:
Don't hesitate to make feedback.
You can choose your LUT with right magnasave and set it in the script.
We hope this beta will enjoy you.
MeDiSt and JLou

What's New in Version 0.8 (See full changelog)

  • New Lut from VPW. Press RightMagnasave and choose with LeftMagnasave - MikCab
  • New Nfozzy Physics setup - JLou & MikCab
  • New SideWall Image - MikCab
  • New ball image - MikCab
  • Fleep Sound - MikCab
  • DynamicBallShadow - MikCab



Wow, that is on seriously slick table in more ways than one. So fast. Many thanks.

Wow!  This table is amazing already!  Great work all!

Thank you for Choosing to release this. I have been really Excited since first seeing and hearing the news of this. I know this will be a another Favorite of mine to play along slde SG. 


This is going to be a Great day !! 

thanks for the mod of one of the greatest table ever!! a collab with vpinworkshop to finish the table could be dope :)

Nathan 1980
May 18 2021 03:06 PM


May 18 2021 05:40 PM

Awsome work! thank you so much for all your time you put in this!

Magnificent table. Thank you so much.

Super nice work, JLouLoulou and Mary (and others involved). The playfield artwork is amazing, table looks and plays top notch!! Thanks for sharing this beta. Much appreciated!

Looking forward to seeing this completed. I will install and test later tonight :-)

thank you JLMD !

thank you, he's great

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