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  • Submitted: Mar 13 2020 10:18 AM
  • Last Updated: Apr 20 2021 06:59 AM
  • File Size: 50.17MB
  • Views: 4706
  • Downloads: 1,572
  • Author(s): Kees
  • Manufacturer: Bally
  • Year: 1969
  • IPDB Link:
  • Permission to MOD?: Yes, without approval

Previous Versions

  • 08 Mar 2021 Download Bally Hoo 2
  • 13 Mar 2020 Download Bally Hoo 1

Download Bally Hoo 3

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This is an overhaul of Kees‘ „Bally Hoo“ (Bally [Who else? I can‘t imagine a name like „Gottlieb Hoo“ or „Williams Hoo“], 1969)
Saucers now with animated kick arms.
Changed the kick angles of the saucers.
The shooter lane gate has a new primitive cover.
New GI for for some ball reflections.
Mushroom bumper is now animated.
Rollover wires are now animated. (The wires on the playfield graphic were spottet out.)
Added two rollover wires (kicker lane and outlane kickback).
Changed bumper caps.
Added a metal guide under the left saucer.
Added sound effects.
And a few other corrections (in a tilted game, now the ball will be kicked out of the saucers; missing bonus advances added etc.)
Thanks again to Kees, who made a great re-creation of this „game brilliant in eye-impact“, with „sizzling action“, „suspenseful repeat-play appeal“ and... „Double KICK-BACK Lanes“, „New SURPRISE FREE BALL Light“, „Double KICK-OUT BONUS Holes“, „New PLAY-MORE Post“ and, not to forget: „New JUMBO FLIPPERS – Longer. Heftier. Clad with flat rubber. Add oomph to flip action“. (All quotations from the flyer.)
For once, the advertising was appropriate.
The game comes with a modified Backglass with blink lamps.
If you don‘t use a backglass, modify line 24.
If you want a 5 balls game, modify line 804 this way: if bip>5 then

What's New in Version 3 (See full changelog)

  • Modifications (by Strobeman):
  • New hi-res graphics (playfield and plastics).
  • Moved far right yellow plastic z position up to 38.5 to stop the plastics from clipping through it.
  • Changed plastics material to image with opacity.
  • Hid one superfluous screw.

Thanks for keeping these old tables alive Albert! 

Thanks nice work. Kinda reminds me of Bally Expressway. Hope that is available sometime for Vpx

Really appreciate getting updates to make these old tables play better. Thanks for your work and for sharing with the rest of us !!!

Thanks for the update! GREAT job on this one.

Hey Albert, I think this table is really fun so I worked on higher res textures. I uploaded a mod just now with the new textures today but I'm now wondering if I should have let you add it to your post? I've only posted two files on this site and just realized that I can't even correct a typo in a post without resubmitting. 

Very nice updates, Albert! Thanks for sharing. The playfield is looking great now These old tables are very cool. Thanks again!! (thanks to Strobeman also ofcourse, big improvement!) 

Apr 20 2021 06:37 PM

Nice table, thanks for the job. Would be perfect with a high score Post-it ^^

Apr 21 2021 08:03 AM

very nice classic table , thank you

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