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  • Submitted: Dec 24 2019 04:17 AM
  • Last Updated: Jun 29 2023 03:29 PM
  • File Size: 18.96MB
  • Views: 79827
  • Downloads: 21,927
  • Author(s): jpsalas
  • Manufacturer: Stern
  • Year: 2012
  • IPDB Link:
  • ROM: Link to ROM
  • Permission to MOD?: Yes, without approval

Previous Versions

  • 01 Oct 2022 Download JP's Avengers LE (Stern 2012) 4.0.0
  • 01 Sep 2021 Download JP's Avengers LE (Stern 2012) 3.1.0
  • 29 Jul 2021 Download JP's Avengers LE (Stern 2012) 3.0.1

Download JP's Avengers LE (Stern 2012) 5.0.0

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avengers stern 2012

Based on the Stern table The Avengers Limited Edition from 2012

Thanks to thalamus for the playfiedl 3D mesh with the hole and for testing.

I built the table from scratch and I also made the graphics using images from comics from the late 60's and early 70's. It it started when I talked to thalamus 2 weeks ago, and he played The Avengers and he liked a lot, so I thought I should play it too, but the best way for me to learn a table is to build it myself :) There is already a nice Avengers table for VPX made by 32assassin, but I wanted to make a table with my own graphics, lighter than the real one, and I also wanted to make more visible some of the targets and lights. So I made a few changes to the layout. I also replace the bridge with a single gate which, when activated,will divert the ball to Hulk.

The table uses the Avengers LE ROM, get it from Stern, zip it, and rename the zip to avs_170h
Update 3.1.0: Thanks to Siggi for the new graphics, giving the table a more classic look.
Update 5.0.0 This update is only for VPX8, and there are too many changes only available in VPX8.

What's New in Version 5.0.0 (See full changelog)

  • 5.0.0 Updated 29.06.2023
  • - Updated for VPX8
  • 4.0.0 Updated 1.10.2022
  • - Updated to my VPX7 physics
  • - Added my VPX7 LUT changer to darken the table (hold down LEFT CTRL while change with RIGHT CTRL). Including GI brightness adjustment. Use the LUT changer together with the day/night slider to give the table the level of darkness you prefer.
  • - Updated my mechanical set of sounds to a more "under the glass" sound, as people seem to like those kind of sounds better.
  • - Changed the Environment image to enhance a little the object shadows.
  • - Some small script updates, like the Rolling sound and PlaySoundAt routines.
  • 3.1.0 Updated 01.09.2021
  • - new graphics by Siggi.
  • - adjusted also some graphics, lights and Gi lights to fit Siggi's graphics
  • - added my latest sounds (but there is almost no difference compared to the older ones).
  • 3.0.1 Updated 29.07.2021
  • - Added missing switch to the script (right ramp end switch)
  • 3.0 Updated 16.10.2020
  • Updated script, physics & graphics:
  • - added the arcade physics 3.0
  • - made optional modulated solenoids, default is off. The change must be done in the script, set the Const UseVPMModSol = True
  • - enhanced the images if they were not already 4k (or close enough :) ).
  • - removed workarounds for the vpinmame droptargets as they fully support SSF (hit sounds) with the latest vpinmame.
  • - new rolling routine that now includes the ball shadow, the ball drop sound from Rothbauer and my ball speed control.
  • - Easy change of the ambient lightning: Hold down LeftMagnaSave and with RightMagnaSave it will switch between LUT images, from light to dark, 9 levels, and the selection will be saved for the table.
  • - added sideblades
  • - some extra collision sounds.
  • 1.0.3 Updated 15.06.2020
  • - fixed Black Widow trigger not being on the right ramp.
  • 1.0.2 Updated 29.12.2019
  • - fixed typo on the playfield
  • - added a collision sound to the rotating cube
  • - made the iron man lane a little more difficult to hit (not much though)
  • 1.0.1 Updated 27.12.2019
  • - Fixed the possibility of the ball getting stuck at the top of the flippers.
  • - changed the DMD in the desktop view to use a flasher, which can be easily moved or made transparent like a hologram.
  • 1.0.0 Released 24.12.2019


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Thx Santa, you too good JP


Désolé mais je n'arrive pas à récupérer la rom 

comment faire svp ?

Je suis routé sur le lien Stern mais pas de rom en téléchargement


J'ai retrouvé le Rom !

J ai surtout changé dans le script le nom sans le h

ca à l'air de marcher


merci beaucoup

Mince c'est pas mieux la table s' ouvre mais reste bloquée

Remember the ROM is the LE rom, not the PRO rom, as there are many changes between both roms. And the zip must be called avs_170h.

"...but the best way for me to learn a table is to build it myself."

My pinball buddy calls that cheating JP ;)


But seriously, thanks for your creations and all your work.
Not just you, also the other creators.
The tables keep getting better, in options, visually and in the physics area.


Enjoy your holidays.

Dec 24 2019 12:31 PM

Maravillos GRACIAS!!!!

Mince c'est pas mieux la table s' ouvre mais reste bloquée



Thanks JP

Hi, tyvm ...

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