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  • Submitted: Nov 06 2019 02:26 AM
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  • File Size: 32.1MB
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  • Author(s): HSM
  • Manufacturer: Bally
  • Year: 1958
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Download Carnival Queen (Bally 1958) 1.0

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Bingo Bally Magic Screen

Bally Bingo!  These were primarily gambling machines and you were paid out on the credits you scored.  You had to dump a pocket full of nickels into it to increase your odds of winning.
I like to add and play 20-40 credits and play like a boss trying to win some more.  
Add Credits.  In Authentic Mode, switchable in the script, each credit entered will advance features and scores.  Otherwise it will add credits to the reel.
You can use purchased credits or won credits by pressing either magna-save key.
The Magic Screen is scrolled with the flipper keys.
Game Play:
Shoot the balls and try to get 3 or more in a row or in the same colored section.
Red and Yellow Super-Sections:  When this feature is lit and the magic screen will allow you to scroll to the sections, 2 balls count as 3, 3 as 4, and 4 as 5.
Blue Section:  When these features are lit, 2 or 3 balls in the blue section will score as if you had 5 green in a row.
You will have to have the Magic Screen position feature lights on in order to scroll to the blue section.
When Magic Screen Positions are lit (A-B-C-D-E-F-G) you can scroll the screen (Flipper Buttons) only until the 3rd ball is played.  
Features can be lit to allow the screen to scroll  before the 4th and 5th Ball.  Star Rollovers can also activate these features if lit.  "Press Buttons Now" will light on backglass indicating this is your last chance to scroll the Magic Screen.
Extra Balls are awarded as Features. (actual table allows you to attempt to buy extra balls).  Up to 3 extra balls can be awarded but the odds are low.
As scores increase, the odds of obtaining features decrease. Enjoy!

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Nice job ! Look also here : http://bingo.jooprie...hp?platform=win

NICe one i love bingo tables thank you for this game please make nes table 4 card like continental
NICe one i love bingo tables thank you for this game please make nes table 4 card like continental
Sorry i want say 6 card lol like dixieland continental and others
Nov 10 2019 03:19 AM

wierd. Ball is super slow like the physics is in slow motion.. also can't launch ball.

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