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  • Author(s): Flupper
  • Manufacturer: Williams
  • Year: 1996
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Download Tales of the Arabian Nights 4k VR 1.3

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Virtual reality version, based on Totan4k version 1.3
uses very big textures for environment (4k, 8k,..)
tested on HTC Vive with GTX1080Ti, runs great (see settings in screenshot)
only works with VPX VR: https://sourceforge....cts/vpvr/files/
credits for base models which I used:
by Benoît Rogez: https://sketchfab.co...04751e7d0908762
by saeed khalili: https://sketchfab.co...5367431f20fdf0a
by Juan Milanese: https://sketchfab.co...8bc0fd5999afa29
by Abby Gancz: https://sketchfab.co...a841790844e3571
by 3rdaxis: cabinet base model
floor and ceiling textures are from free downloads (blenderkit)



Especially set the VR plane to 50000 in the VR settings. My table set up in the second screenshot makes my cabinet an exact match with the virtual one (buttons in the right place, plunger as well, height, etc)

tested with rift very nice , good job

Amazing work! The second screenshot really helped with setting up this beautiful environment. This will now be my go-to VPX VR demo when I have friends over.


Thanks for creating this!

Awesome!  Absolutely love it!

Very nice, thank you! 

I noticed that you have a working backglass. May I ask how you did this? I thought that lights on backglass weren't yet supported in VR.

Backglass is easy in VR, since everything is rendered in the 3d view. On regular VPX backglass is not supported yet since it would be on another screen.


Thanks for working on this.  My favorite table and the best looking one too!

And thanks for listing settings, very helpful.

Awesome , Thanks !

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