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  • Submitted: Jul 06 2019 08:10 AM
  • Last Updated: Jul 07 2022 03:59 PM
  • File Size: 26.16MB
  • Views: 10554
  • Downloads: 3,546
  • Author(s): Bigus1, jbg4208, JPSalas, 32Assasin, Arngrim, Borgdog , Popette
  • Manufacturer: Bally
  • Year: 1979
  • IPDB Link:
  • Permission to MOD?: Yes, without approval

Previous Versions

  • 10 Apr 2020 Download Kiss(Bally1979)_Bigus(MOD) 2.3
  • 16 Sep 2019 Download Kiss(Bally1979)_Bigus(MOD) 2.2

Download Kiss(Bally1979)_Bigus(MOD) 3.0

* * * * * 27 Votes

This fast and fun table is from jbg4208.
3.0 has a new physics, new lights, lighting and layout
Enjoy :)

What's New in Version 3.0 (See full changelog)

  • Change log -
  • 1.2 - Complete rebuild in VPX - Thanks to 32assassin for the scripting the table the table start. Also thanks to Batch for the rom suggestion. kissc rom needed, or just comment out and use one of the other roms options listed in the script. Thanks to JP for allowing me to use his plastic images and misc other thins from his VP9 table.
  • 1.3 - Added DOF script per arngrim
  • 1.4 - Increased ball rolling sound and light reflections on the ball. Also, some minor physics adjustments to make the gameplay better.
  • 1.5 - Corrected play field lettering to match original table. Thanks to gregh43 for pointing this out and for further testing physics.
  • 1.6 - Pop bumper height adjustments also desktop view updates. All minor visual things.
  • 1.7 - Few Minor plastics update.(A little bit higher res.)
  • 1.8 - Corrected drop target actions by Borgdog. Physics tweeks.
  • 2.0 - Added wrd1972's LFHM physics tweeks and Rothbauerw's EOS flipper settings. Added ball shadow routine by Ninuzzu. Adjusted other table physics.
  • 2.1 Reworked lights
  • 2.2 New bright lights, playfield tweaks and physics
  • 2.3 New playfield, lights, lighting, ball

Thanks Bigus1 for some fine tuning on Kiss. Cant wait to try it out. This Is one of my favorite bally machines along with Mata Hari,Lost World,Pargon,playboy. I also own a Kiss And Lost World.. since your modding alot of tables Is there Gottlieb GENIE on your list? Thanks again
Very good work and this table have a good fluidity !
thanks !
Sutter Cane
Feb 10 2020 09:27 PM

Thanks for all your hard work!

Thanks Bigus1, you deserve a ton of praise!

Thanks for the excellent table!

This is a great rework of the table I love it thanks.
is it possible to get the music to play with it please?
I have the correct rom and the .mp3 files


All your tables are spectacular! Thanks for giving me so much fun!

Awesome table. Thank you very much!

Nathan 1980
Jul 08 2022 05:54 PM

thank's the Update, Bigus.

Thanks for updating and sharing, nice work

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