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  • 30 Jul 2018 Download B2S Backglass Server
  • 30 Jul 2018 Download B2S Backglass Server
  • 30 Jul 2018 Download B2S Backglass Server

Download B2S Backglass Server

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B2S Backglass Server directB2S Backglass

System files to run 'directB2S' backglasses, usually in combination with Visual Pinball tables.
For installation, version info and change log please click here.
For settings and handling info please click here.
For the download of the "B2S Backglass Designer" to customize already existing or create new directB2S backglasses please click here.

What's New in Version (See full changelog)

  • 1) Change default to not show startup errors.
  • 2) Merge David Pavia's change to optionally set backglass to not on-top and make "fuzzy match" a setting (default: current behavior) to match functionality in David Pavia's PUP version.
  • 3) Fix bug with more than 400 lights causing an index out of range exception reported by Wildman.
  • 4) Sync up some of the differences in the EXE/non EXE versions of the settings class.

I enjoy it since years! :-)

I have that already 😊 it seems to be a table issue, dozer cv redux works fine but the other dozer version does not. I just have too look further to see what might cause this and look what exactly is different in the tables. Maybe a vp 10.2 table vs 10.4 table script difference.
Jul 31 2018 06:55 AM

Ohh, I have this issue..  Does anyone have details on how to configure:


Allow backglass display to be specified as the X coordinate instead of display ID#, to resolve issues on systems that don't keep a consistent display order.


My system seems to not recognize my display 2 yet my x resolution works regardless and my backglass sometimes goes to my DMD.

So instead of display 2 @ 0, I can change things to display 1 @ 1921 to get it on the correct screen temporarily.

How do I use the proportional aspect ratio feature? Can't find it anywhere

Thanks a lot for the update! Before, depending on how quickly/slowly my TVs were turned on, they were assigned a different "id". Now instead of indicating the backglass display id in the config file, I can put the left bound pixel (as an example "@1920" instead of "1"), which is always consistent.

Request: For us desktop users could you add an "Always On Top" option, right now we have to use external tools to make the backglass always on top. Thanks!

this isn't in the all in one installer right 10.5?

Here are details on the proportional aspect ratio...  http://vpuniverse.co...e-aspect-ratio/

I would like to organize my tables and backglasses into folders. I am finding hard to maintain a ScreenRes.txt in the same folder as every table. Here is a change that will look for ScreenRes.TXT in the install folder if it isn't found next to the table. Would this be OK?



#Region "get backglass settings and show backglass"

    Private Sub ReadB2SSettingsFromFile()
            specialFileName = IO.Path.Combine(B2SData.TableFileName & ".res")
            loadSpecialOne = IO.File.Exists(specialFileName)
            specialDirFileName = IO.Path.Combine(B2SData.TableFileName, FileName)
            loadSpecialDirOne = IO.File.Exists(specialDirFileName)
        End Try

''''Change starts here'''''
        'If ScreenRes Not found near table then look in install path
        If Not IO.File.Exists(FileName) Then
            Dim exePath As String = Application.StartupPath()
            FileName = exePath + "/ScreenRes.txt"
        End If
''''Change ends here''''

        If loadSpecialOne OrElse loadSpecialDirOne OrElse IO.File.Exists(FileName) Then

            ' open settings file
            FileOpen(1, If(loadSpecialOne, specialFileName, If(loadSpecialDirOne, specialDirFileName, FileName)), OpenMode.Input)


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