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  • Submitted: Dec 20 2016 02:21 PM
  • Last Updated: Dec 21 2016 11:18 AM
  • File Size: 4.38MB
  • Views: 2404
  • Downloads: 843
  • Author(s): STAT
  • Manufacturer: Gameplan
  • Year: 1979
  • IPDB Link:

Previous Versions

  • 20 Dec 2016 Download Old Coney Island directb2s 1.1
  • 20 Dec 2016 Download Old Coney Island directb2s 1.0

Download Old Coney Island directb2s 1.2

- - - - -
coney island backglass directb2s

Old Coney Island directb2s File for JPs new VPX Table.

What's New in Version 1.2 (See full changelog)

  • changed Lights Position and added:
  • "Same Player Shoots Again"
  • changed to red LEDs

Hi, STAT! Thank you for the B2S !!!! Very nice! I only will  change the digits color ..they are all RED, This machine has LED 7 segment displays (low voltage)   :) And they are red, and in front of them there are cellophane pieces , in RED color too. Regards!!!

You are right, thanks, based on the Flyer, they are "red", i uploaded a second B2S File ... but what is "cellophane pieces" ?

Hey STAT... thanks a bunch for the backglass!  The cellophane pieces means the light is under a red transparent plastic.

You are right, thanks, based on the Flyer, they are "red", i uploaded a second B2S File ... but what is "cellophane pieces" ?

Hi, STAT! How are you!....JP made this table based on my real machine. I took all the pictures, and sent to him. And before JP releases it here in VPFORUMS, I asked him to add some backglass reverse side pictures into the table zip file, so someone (you in this case) could see the exact position of  the words GAME OVER, SHOOT AGAIN etc. In these pictures, you can see the red cellophane in every score display window...(one is missing...)

Look at the pictures JP has added in the ZIP OLD CONEY ISLAND FILE....I know..you didnt see the pictures  :)  jajajaj  Look that HIGH GAME TO DATE goes into the yellow balloon above the girl hat !  jajaj Doesnt matters, STAT! Your work is great!!! Regards

Thanks, of course, i have seen the Pictures, HIGH GAME .. already is in the yellow Balloon ... TILT now left bottom ... GAME OVER now right bottom ... as i said for 1.2: "changed Lights Position".
Ok, and about the "red cellophane" - now i understand, i would say the "red Plastic" ;) ...

Jajjaj ,Thank you STAT!

Yes, I didnt know how to say.... " the red plastic" is right! You are right. My language is spanish, and sometimes dont find the correct word...but I know the word "cellophane" (celofan in spanish) from a Beatles Song...dont remember which one, Streawberry fields or one song fron the Sargeant Peppers Album...doesnt matter! Thanks for your work! and for the changes!   :)

Ok, thanks  ;) Please read the Info in the Support Page, maybe i can update this ... ?

OK, I will ! Thanks

Danke STAT, the backglass looks very nice

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