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  • Submitted: Sep 13 2016 06:11 AM
  • Last Updated: Aug 17 2019 07:07 AM
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Previous Versions

  • 18 Aug 2018 Download DOFLinx 6.40
  • 08 Jul 2018 Download DOFLinx 6.31
  • 17 Jun 2018 Download DOFLinx 6.30

Download DOFLinx 6.84

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Version 6.x of DOFLinx containing;
Main program
Sample INI configuration files
Messaging program
Comprehensive guide
Sample vbs messaging file
Sample game table flag file
Update notes
Future Pinball vbs script
FX3 mapping files

What's New in Version 6.84 (See full changelog)

  • V6.84 17/8/19
  • - Improved Jaws.FX3 for better DOF during play
  • - Fixed FX3 commands for BE, C1,C2 and C3
  • - Fixed error created in FP DOFLinx tables when you have Chime #3 enabled in your DOFLinx.ini file
  • V6.82 22/7/19
  • - Add Bell, Chime 1,2 and 3 as devices (BE, C1, C2, C3)
  • DV_BE, DV_C1, DV_C2, DV_C3
  • Be sure to install the new DOFLinx.vbs if you are using FP DOFLinx tables
  • - Make the right-click screens appear in the centre of the current monitor - I just got sick of dragging the damn things from monitor 1 to monitor 4!
  • - Fix error for Test Joystick and Test Output -> Input Loopback where it would crash if you have a SainSMart device or CLOSE_DEVICES_BETWEEN_ACTIVE=1 and have not pressed "Fake Emulation ON"
  • - Stop the Test Joystick option crashing if JOY_PORT= had not been set
  • - Add a message during device startup if the LEDWiz appears to be an emulated device as opposed to the genuine article (try to warn people about using emulated devices and assigning toys beyond the ports they actually have)
  • - Add some error logging to the test joystick screen
  • - Fix error in ShowVariables where it could fail on FixedOutputs
  • - Improvements to the PUPlayer opening and closing routines
  • - Fix where the Test Device Cycle screen would error if you simply entered then exited
  • V6.81A 30/5/19 - Repack to fix SSF file
  • V6.81 29/5/19
  • - Don't test for L/R Ctrl FX3 nudge keys if analogue nudge is enabled and the L/R nudge input keys are not set to L/R Ctrl
  • - Reduce the FX3 nudge shaker action from 10 seconds to 4 seconds
  • - Rename the All.FX3 file to All_Pre.FX3 the functionality is the same, it still processes commands for all FX3 games before the table commands are loaded
  • - Add All_Post.FX3 for processing commands for all tables after the table commands are loaded
  • - Add a [CLEAR COMMANDS] section to the FX3 files to delete commands from the loaded set to allow for more detailed personalisation of settings
  • Intended for use in the All_Post.FX3 file to remove unwanted effects
  • Normally blank unless specific effects are desired
  • So if you don't like any specific effects setup in the standard FX3 files you can remove it and optionally add your own
  • - Fix bug with analgue nudge where the ON effect for nudge was being incorrectly triggered again at nudge OFF resulting in flashers staying on and other devices running too long.
  • - Updated FX3 file for Star Wars Masters of the Force for the new active backglass
  • - Add required support for Steam Zen Williams Volume 4, Hurricane, White Water, Road Show
  • New GAME_COLOUR= lines into the sample INI files
  • V6.80 12/5/19
  • - Fix an issue where DOFLinx failed ugly when the number of output devices caused a SainSmart (FTDI) device to be detected at or beyond device #4
  • - Add a more comprehensive close command for the PUPlayer on advice from NailBuster
  • - Add some separators to the right-click popup test menu
  • - Rename the Test Controller Respose Time test option
  • - Add a test menu for an output device loopback
  • - Add KEY_TO_XBOX_RUMBLE=KK,C,M,SS,DDD[,KK,C,M,SS,DDD] - KK=Key, C=Controller (1-4), M=Motor L/R, SS=Speed (0 to 65,535), DDD=Duration in milliseconds
  • V6.71 22/3/19
  • - Add required support for Steam Zen Williams Volume 3 (Bally), Safe Cracker, Theatre of Magic, The Champion Pub
  • New GAME_COLOUR= lines into the INI files
  • V6.70 16/3/19
  • - Add test function to time from output activation to actioning that activation
  • This function measures delay of the output controller. It requires some custom hardware to use
  • - Add functionality for XBox rumble to be activated for any device, ie LF, ML, FN, etc
  • New parameter is XBOX_RUMBLE=XX,C,M,SS,DDD[,XX,C,M,SS,DDD] - XX=Device ID, LS, ML, BR, SH, FN, etc, C=Controller (1-40), M=Motor L/R, SS=Speed (0 to 65,535), DDD=Duration in milliseconds
  • - Add in the FX3 redcupX naming for Solo, Calrissian Chronicles and Battle of Mimban
  • - New GameColour for the above games in the sample INI filess
  • V6.62B 17/2/19
  • - Add FX3 files for Shaman and Sorcerer's Lair
  • V6.62 27/1/19
  • - Fix error whereby the left flipper was also triggering the knocker (fat finger problem by me when editing constants in the code)
  • V6.61 27/1/19
  • - Fix error where Jxxyy was not correctly being detected as a key press
  • V6.60 26/1/19
  • - Add the detection of connected joysticks at startup
  • - Allow the use of joystick buttons as keys
  • Format is JCCBB, J is fixed for joystick, CC is the joystick number from 01 to 16 (note leading zero)
  • BB is the button 01 - 32 (again leading zero)
  • DD can be a DPAD item, DD, DU, DL or DR
  • - Add a right click GamePad tester when in DEBUG mode
  • Shows the connected XBox controllers and Joysticks
  • Shows the pressed buttons for easy identification
  • - Add the ability to select any of the 16 valid joystick ports in the joystick test screen
  • - Add showing Z-Axis current position in the joystick testing screen
  • V6.54 6/1/19
  • - Add PacDrive support - thanks Bjonne for testing
  • - Make the PacLED64 detection automatic - thanks to dramaone for testing this
  • PACLED64= command line arguments redundant and no longer supported
  • - Allow DEBUG=2 to log all messages without showing the debug window
  • Very handly to log details without impacting focus of windows while playing
  • Also a bit faster because there are no screen updates in the DOFLinx window
  • - Make the joystick testing routine sample faster to get better results
  • - Add right click option to show key variables in debug window and to the LOG file
  • Debugging aid
  • - Add SHOW_VARIABLES command to display key variables in the DOFLinx.LOG file and to screen
  • This is the same as the right click menu option but can be done from the command line without DOFLinx being displayed, ie with DEBUG=2 set
  • - Add some missing stuff to the guide (parameters from previous updates)
  • V6.53 8/12/18
  • - Fix joystick port numbering
  • - Fix BlackRose and Party Zone FX3 file ROM names
  • - Add more sample SUP INI files thanks to TerryRed
  • V6.52 5/12/18
  • This is the same as RAINBOW except every second device in RGB_OUTPUT is set to the same colour and two colours are used from the sequence
  • - Add new SKIP_RGB_FLASHER_TEST parameter
  • Allow the skipping of the test that removes RGB devices from the list that are also configured as flashers.
  • Only use this parameter if you really know why you are doing it, it overrides default DOFLinx behaviour.
  • - Fix key down / up behaviour of KEY_TO_ROM and KEY_TO_PUP_EVENT
  • - Add key up events to KEY_TO_ROM and KEY_TO_PUP_EVENT
  • If you are using these parameters then the format has changed to incorporate the key up events
  • - Document the KEY_TO_PUP_EVENT parameter that was added some time back
  • - Improve the testing of keyboard key presses
  • - Adjust to work with new FX3.EXE that came with the Williams volume 2 tables
  • - Add FX3 files and B2S for FX3 Attack from Mars, BlackRose and Party Zone
  • V6.51 4/11/18
  • - Update for the FX3 Williams update EXE
  • - Correction to FX3 file for Star Wars Droids
  • - FX3 files for Fish Tales, Junkyard, Medieval Madness and Getaway
  • V6.50 15/9/18
  • - Add support for Pincontrol 1 output device
  • - Remove the need for setting up PINCONTROL2_UNIVERSE= and PINCONTROL2_BROADCAST= parameters for Pincontrol 2
  • These will now pick up from your cabinet.xml file
  • - Fix bug with default value of the FX Nudge keys
  • - Additional FX3 files vor V12, Wild West, XMen, Han Solo, Droids, Masters of the Force, Return of the Jedi
  • - Some more logging for FX3 nudging
  • - Handle the FX3.EXE of 14/9/18
  • - Make nudge keys other than L-Ctrl and R-Ctrl used with joystick nudge trigger the nudge actions of shake and red flashers
  • V6.40 19/8/18
  • - Tidy up the code around determining which FX3.EXE is running and cater for older versions (from now, not retrospective) should someone keep one of these
  • - Add using Pinscape (joystick) analogue nudge to trigger FX3 Left, Right and Forward nudge
  • JOY_PORT= (1 is the first port)
  • - Add test functionality to test and get trigger values for Pinscape accelerometer (joystick) - Test Joy Stick
  • With no movement use "Get Offset" to find the resting position
  • Nudge your cabinet and look at the min / max values and decide on your trigger points
  • Nudge again and see if you trigger the L / R / F points
  • Reset and repeat until you get some values you are happy with
  • - New FX files for EpicQuest, IronMan and Pasha
  • V6.31 8/7/18
  • - Include a better standard FX3 and PUP FX3 files for Aliens Pinball
  • - A new DOFLinx.vbs for FP to fix a message error when using MX effects
  • - Fix issue where some effects were not being cleared between FP games
  • - Update to cater for FX3 EXE of 7/7/18
  • - New FX3 file for Eldorado
  • V6.30 17/6/18
  • - Add support for PinControl2
  • - New parameter PINCONTROL2_UNIVERSE= Default is 0
  • - New parameter PINCONTROL2_BROADCAST=
  • This is the IP address of the PinControl2 device, normally
  • Having an address set causes the Pincontrol2 (ArtNet) device to try to be opened
  • - Reverse the load order of FX3 startup files, intially for PUP versions for ROM intialisation, load ALL.FX3 before TABLE.FX3
  • - New test feature to cycle through a number of ports turning them on / off until you stop it
  • - New test feature to manually mix a colour on an RGB device, allows dynamic colour change testing. Fade your RBG device in / out.
  • - New included in the release pack a second set of FX3 files for use with the TerryRed developed set of PUPlayer SSF videos
  • To use these simply place them in your FX3 folder instead of the set supplied in the FX3 folder within the release. You onyl use one set of FX3 files.
  • - Add more logging for PacLED64 startup
  • - New FX3 files for Biolab, Boba Fett, Castle Storm, Earth Defense (all using FX2 backglasses)
  • - New parameter SHOW_IN_TASKBAR=
  • The default is 0 (false), if you do want DOFLinx in your taskbar (ie during testing, etc), add SHOW_IN_TASKBAR=1
  • - A couple more sample INI files - thanks TerryRed
  • V6.27 28/5/18
  • - Improve the FX3 backglass checking to be smarter
  • - Fix problem with FP link where it may only partially connect
  • - Increase the number of FP <-> DOFLinx memory slots for communication
  • - Make FP PUP messages cycle to avoid loss of multiple quick messages
  • - Slow down the Setting key press check to avoid possible conflict with other applications
  • V6.26B 13/5/18
  • - New FX3 file for Deadpool
  • V6.26 28/4/18
  • - New to work with FX3 27/4/18 release
  • - Fix initial FX3 memory reads thus removing some odd behaviour at startup
  • - Add checking for backglass loads in FX3 for games that have them available. Log if its not loading the B2S and is set in cabinet mode.
  • V6.25 21/4/18
  • - New ensure new versions of FX3.EXE do not allow DOFLinx to crash, rather report the unknown version and disable the link
  • - New detection of the Last Jedi and Ahch-To Island games
  • - New to work with FX3 17/4/18 release (Star Wars Last Jedi and Ahch-To Island)
  • - Note, for FX3 remember to add the two new GAME_COLOUR= lines to the end of your DOFLinx.ini if you want the colours as designed
  • V6.24 8/4/18
  • - Fix an error with FX3 file loads that were causing the default ROM to load not the correct one. This caused the wrong MX effects.
  • - New FX3 files for Spiderman, Star Wars IV & V, Star Wars Clone Wars
  • V6.23 21/3/18
  • - Fix (again, or perhaps properly) the situation where registry X and Y positions saved for DOFLinx in debug mode could be silly values making it effectively invisible
  • - Fix a bug with the FF_COLOUR command for FX
  • This will have stopped Undercab RGB working properly (or perhaps at all) for most people
  • - Add two new parameters for use in INI files
  • FX2_FOCUS=1/0 - default =1
  • FX3_FOCUS=1/0 - default -1
  • Setting wither of the above to 0 (off) will make DOFLinx NOT try to refocus to FX2/3 after starting a B2S backglass
  • - FX3 files for Women of Power Champions, Guardians of the Galaxy, Darth Vader, Star Fighter Assault, The Walking Dead
  • V6.22 23/2/18
  • - Update to work with FX3 version released 21/2/18 for the Jurassic tables
  • - FX3 files for Jurassic World, Jurassic Park, Jurassic Mayhem, Fantastic Four, GHost Rider, Antman, Age of Ultron, Avengers, Women of Power A Force
  • V6.20 4/2/18
  • - Change to use the mjr DOF R3++ version http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=39557&hl=%2Bgrand+%2Bunified
  • - Fix saving of screen position to not save if the positions are illogical
  • - Add a number of sample INI files to the release zip for more choice and hopefully clarity
  • - New FX3 files for Aliens vs Predator, Blade, Bob's Burgers, Captain America, Civil War, Dr Strange, Excalibur, Fallout, Moon Knight, Portal, Secrets of the Deep, Rogue One
  • - Now at 50% of FX3 games with FULL custom FX3 files, full forcefeedback, MX LEDs and B2S backglasses
  • V6.11 7/1/18
  • - Fix a couple of FX3 game name conversions to ensure the correct FX3 and B2S file is picked up
  • - Add Family Guy, Doom, Fear Itself, Paranormal, Star Wars Rebels, Star Wars Force Awakens to the FX3 full force feedback and B2S back glass
  • V6.10 1/1/18
  • - Suppress the game ame message at process detection for FX3 as its no longer required
  • - Add the concept of an ALL.FX3 file to enable common items across games
  • - Added FX3 files for Venom, Infinity Gauntlet, SkyRim, Thor, ET, Jaws, Back to the Future, Archer, Alien Isolation, American Dad
  • - Updates to many FX3 MX effects
  • V6.01 23/12/17
  • - Drop the default test time on from 1000 to 100mS to stop solenoids being on too long by accident
  • - Removed the FX2 files from the distribution package, contact me direct if you need them
  • - Fix crash when B2S path was not set and no C:\VP\ path exists
  • - Fixed spelling of SonofZeus in the GAME_COLOUR= of the sample DOFLinx.INI - If you copied this, either manually fix it or recopy
  • - Rebuilt the TestB2S function
  • - Fixed a couple of instances where the FX2 B2S path was being used when it should have been the FX3 B2S path
  • - Added FX3 files for Wolverine and World War Hulk
  • V6 20/12/17
  • - Fix Xbox controller making the X and Y buttons work
  • - Add support for FX3 full force feedback
  • - Have DOFLinx recognise games as selected from the grid, not just from menu launch such as PinballX. so still works as per FX2, but has new capability.
  • - Default support (ie flippers, bumper and slings) for all games
  • - Full support for Son of Zeus, Adventure Land, Aliens and Mars
  • .... a lot of FX3 config files and B2S still to come!

it was fixed :) immidiatly :) file not broken anymore :) 

where do you install this file does it go in future pinball folder or other pinball folder or install it in its own folder any help would be great thanks

Where we have to put this File?

Jan 03 2017 04:02 PM

Download is working for me right now. Fixed.

4.22C is missing???

Great work DDH69 on finishing the FX2 files! FX2 is just no fun without DOFLinx anymore... ;).

Aug 17 2017 02:11 AM

Question. For most .vpt files I get DOF effects and sounds for flippers, slings, bumpers, etc.  with vpx there is a pref to have dof effects only without sound.  is there an easy way to do this for VP9.x or is editing scripts to remove/comment out the Playsound commands the right way to go?

Cool! Thank you for taking the time!!! ;)

Is there a way to implement a TIMEOUT function like "MAX_FLIPPER_ON=6000" to the "KEY_TO_OUTPUT" toys?

In case things goes grong? to prevent solenoid get stuck a long time if assigned to some buttons/keys.

This could happend in rare but several cases, like FX2 being interrupted or force closed at some point.

Thank you!!!

I created a clone of the teensy and I try to test the DOFLinx MX with PX2/Xmen table with DOF config up-to-date. But nothing appear ...

In the DOFLinx Log, I can see my 3 ledwiz clone (arduino-lwclone), but nothing about the teensy/teensy clone

Do you know how DOFlinx detect the teensy ? is the DOFLinx source code available (for my teensy clone, I have modified DOF to sleep 5s after open the com port, so DOFLinx use DOF for the teensy management, or directly use the teensy)?


Thanks in adance

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