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  • Submitted: Sep 13 2016 06:11 AM
  • Last Updated: Jan 25 2020 03:58 AM
  • File Size: 10.84MB
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Previous Versions

  • 18 Jan 2020 Download DOFLinx 7.03
  • 01 Nov 2019 Download DOFLinx 7.0
  • 01 Nov 2019 Download DOFLinx 7.0

Download DOFLinx 7.04

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Version 7.x of DOFLinx containing;
Main program
Sample INI configuration files
Messaging program
Comprehensive guide
Sample vbs messaging file
Sample game table flag file
Update notes
Future Pinball vbs script
FX3 mapping files
TCP Reader for remote debugging

What's New in Version 7.04 (See full changelog)

  • V7.04 25/1/20
  • - Fix fault when using FR, BE, C1, C2, or C3 devices
  • V7.03 18/1/20
  • - Fix MX LEDs working with FP. A problem introduced in V7.0 (thanks Outhere for your help)
  • Note this requires the corresponding DOFLinx.vbs to be replaced in the FP\Scripts folder
  • V7.02 12/12/19
  • - Update for new FX3.EXE released for the Williams Pack #5
  • - New FX3 files games being Cirqus Voltaire, Tales of the Arabian Night and No Good Gofers
  • V7.01
  • - Speed up the checking for FX3 triggers
  • - Fix error message for failed link button loading
  • - Fix bug with loading LINK_xx buttons where V7 was supposed to not require "MONO" for a single button device
  • - Fix invalid error message with BUTTONS_ON= and BUTTON_ON_COLOUR= when DOO was used
  • - New FX3 file update for Star Wars Han Solo for the new B2S backglass
  • V7.0A 2/11/19
  • - Fix small error in Medieval Madness FX3 which would not allow the Beacon device to run
  • - Fix the sample INI files to use commas instead of spaces - a hangover from V2 !
  • V7.00 1/11/19
  • - Note this version target the .NETFramework v 4.6.1
  • - Note the introduction of DOFLinxExt.dll - place it in the same folder as DOFLinx.exe
  • DOFLinx will warn if the DLL is missing or blocked and abort
  • - Add MAME as a trigger to DOFLinx actions
  • Requires MAME > version 0.107 (when the network output was added), but only tested with 0.212
  • In the mame.ini file within the "OSD Output Options" section set "output network"
  • - Add MAME_PROCESS= for this add your MAME emulator to the normal PROCESSES= line, but also add the MAME process to MAME_PROCESS=
  • This enables DOFLInx to understand that this is your MAME emulator and to try and link to that when it causes DOFLinx to activate by being one of the processes in the PROCESSES= line
  • Many people use differnt MAME emulators, so provided its > 0.107 and has the network output enabled all should be good
  • - Add PATH_MAME=, this is where the *.MAME files can be found, probably C:\DirectOutput\DOFLINX_MAME\
  • - Add MAME_TRIGGER_OUTPUT_PATH=, this doesn't have to be, but can be set, to provide an output file of all the triggers found in any MAME game that is run
  • Setting this means that you can go back and find the triggers available for a given game and create a meaningful *.MAME file
  • If a MAME game has no triggers then a blank file is saved in a subdirectory of this path called "NoTriggers" just so that you know
  • - Add *.MAME files to define parmeters, triggers and actions per MAME game
  • - Add LINK_P1, LINK_P2, LINK_PS (Player 1, Player 2, Pause)
  • - Add the ability for BUTTONS_ON= command to accept BUT_xx arguments as well as DOO numeric arguments
  • - ** CHANGED ** - The format of the LINK_xx for buttons has changed
  • The format is now LINK_xx=D00,CCCC where CCCC is the colour for a RGB button, or set to MONO or left blank for a single LED illuminated button
  • - Add COLOUR_PALETTE= where a list of colours can be set for the current palette in use for all RGB effects
  • Most likely used in the STARTUP section of MAME files to set the colours for RGB devices
  • - Cut down the number of messages each time devices are activated, ie the X type Y devices found, only show those intialised
  • - Add the ability to view DEBUG information on another networked computer in real time via TCP connection
  • Set DEBUG_TCP_PORT= to the port you wish to use, I suggest 8001
  • Ideally place this parameter on the command line when you are starting DOFLinx, although it will also work if placed in DOFLinx.INI, just a little later after startup
  • Setup something to monitor and read this port on your cabinet machine IP, I've written a small utility TCPReader. You could use NC which is freely available
  • The messages output on this port will be the same as those sent to DOFLinx.LOG
  • Using DEBUG=2 and displaying debug information on a remote machine will stop you needing DOFLinx on a cabinet screen when debugging / monitoring
  • Remember set DEBUG=0 when you are not chasing an issue, don't run it all the time
  • - ** CHANGED ** - Analogue plunger opertion for FX3
  • The plunger key is pressed when the pull trigger point is reached then released when the plunger release point is reached
  • - Added a new parameter HOLD_ACTIVATION=1/0
  • Used as a message via DOFLinxMsg or a vbs stcipt you may use to send messages to the DOFLinx pipe
  • This will cause DOFLinx to stop any current processing and completely ignore any programs listed in your PROCESSES= list
  • Essentially you can "pause" DOFLinx from activating
  • It is the same as the right click option to "Stop Hold Restart"
  • - Improve the error checking for all LINK_xx= parameters to avoid errors with bad data in the configuration
  • The parameter will not load, but will report as such if DEBUG= is set to other than 0
  • - Make the FP link checking 3X faster
  • - Add support for the FX3.EXE released for Halloween Monsters
  • - Add WMS Monster Bash and BALLY Creature from the Black Lagoon

it was fixed :) immidiatly :) file not broken anymore :) 

where do you install this file does it go in future pinball folder or other pinball folder or install it in its own folder any help would be great thanks

Where we have to put this File?

Jan 03 2017 04:02 PM

Download is working for me right now. Fixed.

4.22C is missing???

Great work DDH69 on finishing the FX2 files! FX2 is just no fun without DOFLinx anymore... ;).

Aug 17 2017 02:11 AM

Question. For most .vpt files I get DOF effects and sounds for flippers, slings, bumpers, etc.  with vpx there is a pref to have dof effects only without sound.  is there an easy way to do this for VP9.x or is editing scripts to remove/comment out the Playsound commands the right way to go?

Cool! Thank you for taking the time!!! ;)

Is there a way to implement a TIMEOUT function like "MAX_FLIPPER_ON=6000" to the "KEY_TO_OUTPUT" toys?

In case things goes grong? to prevent solenoid get stuck a long time if assigned to some buttons/keys.

This could happend in rare but several cases, like FX2 being interrupted or force closed at some point.

Thank you!!!

I created a clone of the teensy and I try to test the DOFLinx MX with PX2/Xmen table with DOF config up-to-date. But nothing appear ...

In the DOFLinx Log, I can see my 3 ledwiz clone (arduino-lwclone), but nothing about the teensy/teensy clone

Do you know how DOFlinx detect the teensy ? is the DOFLinx source code available (for my teensy clone, I have modified DOF to sleep 5s after open the com port, so DOFLinx use DOF for the teensy management, or directly use the teensy)?


Thanks in adance

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