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  • Submitted: Mar 30 2016 02:18 AM
  • Last Updated: Apr 05 2016 04:17 PM
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  • Author(s): BorgDog
  • Manufacturer: Bally
  • Year: 1970
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  • Permission to MOD?: Yes, without approval

Previous Versions

  • 02 Apr 2016 Download Double-Up (Bally 1970) 1.0
  • 30 Mar 2016 Download Double-Up (Bally 1970) 0.9
  • 30 Mar 2016 Download Double-Up (Bally 1970) 0.9

Download Double-Up (Bally 1970) 1.1

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Bally's 1970 Double-Up, supposedly only 55 of these were produced.  I got turned onto this table by a restoration going on at Pinside by Pecos (who also goes by Alan).  I ended up deciding to take on my first playfield redraw in Illustrator with much help and advice from such characters here as krugge99, hauntfreaks, bodydump, mfuegemann, and wrd1972 who was going through his first redraw as well and who's thread I hijacked :)  Thanks All!
Pecos has been very helpful with additional photos, sound bites, and even a very nice written and video run through of the complete ruleset, I wish I had that much info for all my table builds.  Be sure to check out his thread linked above (tells you how to play).  He also provided some great feedback from a short gameplay video I provided him.
Hauntfreaks went above and beyond getting the backglass image from a low res dark image into something useable, getting the plastics cleaned up as well, and making me some nice primitives for these old school ball gate brackets.  big thanks. Oh and put up a wheel image for the table as well.
Enjoy, it's a fun but merciless table.  Still things to tweak (always) and feedback is very welcome. future update to include DOF support
directb2s file is included but I haven't spent a lot of time on it or playing it so let me know if there are any issues.
hold down left flipper to access the options menu (thanks for the idea loserman76 and gnance)
NOTE: this table requires the vp10.1 beta, get the latest HERE
FS settings in the table are for my cab which has the playfield in portrait mode, most of you will need to adjust the Backdrop settings.
Here is a starting point for those of you running it the wrong way     :tongue3:    I can't vouch for how well it looks.
Posted Image

What's New in Version 1.1 (See full changelog)

  • DOF support finalized

Forgot to post in above, but this needs the latest VP10.1 beta.  Can be found HERE.

Apr 01 2016 02:04 AM

Thanks a lot my good friend! Please keep up the good work!

Love these old games.

Stunningly beautiful table, artwork is out of this world!  Thanks

¡graciasss!,y ahora...¡¡a jugarrr!!

Ball is stuck, and scoring is missing from single screen users.  Looks like a nice table.   Hope it's updated.

Ball is stuck, and scoring is missing from single screen users.  Looks like a nice table.   Hope it's updated.


make sure you have Disable  B2S checked in Preferences, Keys, Nudge and DOF

updated version over on vpinball.com fixes trough and several other updates.

I have never seen this table before. I am desktop user and use VP 10.5. Disable B2S is checked in Preferences/Keys, Nudges and DOF, but I get the same Problems as blib describes.

The reel gets initialized, after that a sound is tobe heard supposing, a ball is launched, but there is no ball to be seen. The displayed ballnumber in play raises to 2, the sound is to be heard again and so on ...    This is going on until the last ball in play, no matter whether it is a 3 or 5 ball play. Finally I win 2 specials because my score is "00000" and the matchnumber is "00".

Seems to me as if I had launched a tilt game.

I have watched this on 2 different computers. 


Regards, Rainer

10.5 changed the way some of the ramp physics work and cause that issue. 


I have a newer version up at vpinball (along with a whole bunch of tables not posted here) https://vpinball.com...-up-bally-1970/


It also has a bunch of other updates and fixes.

Many thanks to You.


It works very well.


Regards, Rainer

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