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  • Submitted: Dec 24 2015 08:49 AM
  • Last Updated: Mar 23 2021 08:40 PM
  • File Size: 143.81MB
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  • Author(s): Randy Davis
    Noah Fentz
    Chris Leathley
    Mark Parris
    Jerry Rice
    Rolle Cruz
    Brian Smith
    Wizard's Hat

Previous Versions

  • 28 Jun 2020 Download Visual Pinball X (Standalone EXE) 10.6.1
  • 06 Oct 2019 Download Visual Pinball X (Standalone EXE) 10.6
  • 27 Jul 2019 Download Visual Pinball X (Standalone EXE) 10.5

Download Visual Pinball X (Standalone EXE) 10.6.2

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Note: Pick VPinballX62_Minimal.zip if you're not sure which one to download, as this is the latest version.
Standalone EXE, all needed DLLs, changelog, command reference and registry keys for Visual Pinball X 10.6.2
Simply copy all of the files in the ZIP into your already existing Visual Pinball directory. Overwrite already existing files there when asked. If you already had the core.vbs script package in your 'Tables' sub-directory previously, either delete these, or move all files contained in the 'Scripts' sub-directory to 'Tables'.
For all the changes regarding the core vbs script file package look into core.vbs for the full changelog, and CommandReference.txt for all changes in the script interface

What's New in Version 10.6.2 (See full changelog)

  • *** VPX ***
  • 10.6.2:
  • - add another 7.1 SurroundSound mode tuned for SSF cabinet configurations (7.1 Surround Sound Feedback (enhanced))
  • this exaggerates the positional feel of the playfield sound effects when
  • played in a cabinet with exciter pairs positioned at each end of the cabinet
  • - improve quality and performance of internal DMD shader (especially visible on FSS tables)
  • - replace dithering code with blue noise, fixes flickering patterns (especially in darker table areas)
  • - disable dithering code when running in 10bit output mode
  • - tweak AO (Ambient Occlusion) and SSR (Screen Space Reflections) to be a bit less noisy
  • - fix a small error in the original SMAA filter code, and also increase quality parameters slightly (to match reshade)
  • - retweak Standard FXAA and Quality FXAA filters to be a bit sharper
  • 10.6.1:
  • - fix hang on player exit on some setups
  • 10.6:
  • - add support for using a primitive as playfield instead of the build-in one:
  • o to create a mesh playfield create a new blank table and export it as obj file
  • o open the obj file in Blender and edit the playfield mesh (mesh name is "Table1")
  • o cut holes into the playfield where you want to place kickers, VUKs and so on
  • o export the modified playfield mesh as a separate obj file and import it to VPX
  • o in VPX rename the playfield primitive to "playfield_mesh"
  • o the playfield primitive doesn't need an image and a material assigned
  • VPX will use the texture and material from the playfield properties, but will respect the 'disable lighting' parameter from the primitive
  • Note: VP can only handle a simple mesh plate (with optional holes) as a playfield. Adding other complicated meshes to the playfield (e.g. merge kicker meshes with the playfield) is not supported.
  • The "playfield_mesh" is also handled as a special primitive type: its physics settings are copied from the table physics properties, but in addition you can also set "Has Hit Event" and set a "Hit Threshold"
  • if you want to be informed that the ball has hit the playfield. Settings like "Toy", "Collidable" or "Overwrite Material Settings" won't work for the "playfield_mesh".
  • See example table (File -> New -> Example Table) how to use it.
  • - add object space-normal mapping support to primitive (our implementation matches the object space, +X +Y +Z, export/baking settings in Blender)
  • Object space-normal maps are commonly used if one reduces polygon counts of a complex model. The lost geometric details are then added back via a normal map
  • - add proper dithering to final output buffer (most noticable on gradients and/or low-quality/cheaper output monitors)
  • - implement proper sRGB pipeline for runtime filtering (only for images/textures that are used in the 'standard' material)
  • - increase static table elements precomputation samples from 32 to 64 and in addition do not do aniso/trilinear filtering there, but rely on the oversampling and bilerp instead, leading to much crisper textures
  • - add display selection in the video preferences
  • - add buttons to video preferences to easily setup defaults for low- or high-end PCs
  • - add 'Force Bloom Filter off' to video preferences to increase performance on extremely low-end graphics cards (like on tablets)
  • - add checkbox to 'user customizations'->'overwrite physics by global set' to optionally change all flipper settings, too
  • - add strength parameter for the (optional) legacy/VP9-like keyboard nudging code, can be set in the 'Keys, Nudge and DOF' preferences dialog
  • - add a circle outline to the gate element to help in selecting a gate in the editor and fix selection view, too
  • - add a rectangle outline to the spinner element to help in selecting it in the editor and fix selection view, too
  • - show kicker (default) orientation in the editor
  • - add support for showing the image of a primitive mesh in the editor. However this feature is far from perfect because Windows GDI (which draws the elements in the editor) can't handle meshes well
  • - show amount of vertices/polygons for a mesh primitive in the status bar
  • - add x/y scale support to the camera mode to scale x/y axis at the same time
  • - support 'Add Point' hotkey (F10 normal and F11 for smooth point) for rubbers
  • - add apply button to the dimensions manager to apply the selected dimension to the active table
  • - add support for up to 9 custom start parameters (range 1-9). Usage: "VPinballX.exe -c1 param1 -c2 param2" sets two custom parameters "param1" and "param2".
  • To access these in the script use: GetCustomParam(1) to get "param1" and GetCustomParam(2) to get "param2"
  • - new table-script manipulation features:
  • '-extractvbs' parameter: "VPinballX.exe -extractvbs tablename.vpx" extracts the script and exits
  • VPX will automatically replace the table-script with a vbs file named the same as the table file (similar to the existing pov file functionality)
  • - add checkbox to sound- and image-manager to use internal name as filename for exporting
  • - re-use existing sound settings if re-importing a sound file
  • - allow to export blueprints in different image formats
  • - add current active ball velocity/angular velocity, and the number of physics iterations per frame to the F11 debug output/stats
  • - add rothbauerw's and cyberpez' ball dropping sound code to builtin example tables
  • FIXES:
  • - fix lighting of the reflection of the playfield on the ball (before it was more or less ignoring the real lightsources and using a wrong lookup from the environment)
  • - fix some issues with the physically based lighting calculations, this can change the brightness (most noticably on the playfield) for some tables (more so if the (HDR) environment map is very high contrast, especially on the poles)
  • - fix normal computations of the old legacy primitive (i.e. that triangulated tube)
  • - fix ball decal splotches if only a global ball image was set in the video preferences
  • - fix some regressions (introduced with 10.5) with backdrop lights (most prominent: bulb lights had wrong falloff, the 'classic' lights wrong image mapping)
  • as a bonus, this should also finally fix all issues seen with backdrop lights on intel/builtin graphics in the past
  • - disable transmit for backdrop bulb lights
  • - fix ball through bumper issue
  • - fix rather old bug in physics-settings-per-material for the collidable setting of walls (introduced with 10.2)
  • - fix "all sounds to rear channels" bug
  • - fix FPS-dependent animation speed if update interval of EM Reels and Light Sequence is chosen low (i.e. quick changes) and animate at the actual speed
  • - do not ignore primitive setting 'Has Hit Event' anymore (before it was always implicitly on)
  • - fix some regressions from 10.3+ within the physics options dialog, especially with some of its flipper settings and when importing settings
  • - fix some potential crashes and quirks in the manager dialogs (most notably the alpha test value in the image manager being copied to other elements when deleting an image)
  • - fix crash in collection manager if a collection is moved up/down
  • - fix crashes if a POV file is broken/invalid
  • - add missing implementation for -pov command line option
  • - support both winding orders for lights, which fixes the invalid shape error message for (some) lights
  • - fix some potential problems with balls and rubbers outside of the playfield range, and when importing certain primitive meshes via .obj
  • ELSE:
  • - optimize .obj importer
  • - increase robustness (and reduce temporary memory used) when handling very large images/textures
  • - remove caption and window borders in windowed mode (only re-enable/toggle that caption if the 'ESC'/Pause-menu is brought up so that one can move the window around after unpausing again)
  • - save position of the windowed mode player window
  • - remove all table encryption, old locked tables automatically unlock now
  • - update BASS library to 2.4.14
  • - see core scripts (header of core.vbs) for the respective changelog (version 3.57)
  • - see CommandReference.txt for the changelog of all the scripting properties/interface changes
  • - remove Visual Studio 2010 & 2012 & 2013 support, add Visual Studio 2019 support
  • *** CORE SCRIPTS ***
  • Beta 1 NF fastflips 2
  • Add UsePdbLeds(top of script)/ChangedPDLEDs(controller)/PDLedCallback(callback) support and PDB.vbs especially for VP-PROC
  • Added LTD3.vbs (LTD System III)
  • Added FPVPX.vbs (1.01, helpers for Future Pinball conversions)
  • add UpdateMaterial to the globals
  • fix potential problems for the light element for Bulb, ImageMode, ShowBulbMesh, StaticBulbMesh, ShowReflectionOnBall reads
  • change Position() of the plunger element to return a float instead of an integer
  • add support for non-mechanical/digital Position() plunger call
  • add EnableSkirtAnimation to the bumper element
  • add GetCustomParam to access custom command line parameters
  • add support to read out the current hit threshold if the ball hits a Primitive or a HitTarget

OMG! Really thanks guys... the best gift I could receive for Christmas
Dec 24 2015 08:03 PM

Wow, I was expecting something cool for Christmas but OMG today is Amazing!!!  I can honestly say I did not See Pinball X being released.


Thank You can't even begin to cover the incredible job everyone did on this project. It truly must have been a labor of love!


Merry Christmas to everyone. Now I'm off to truly be a kid at Christmas and open all my fantastic gifts!!!!!!!!

Amazing Xmas gift. Thx a lot! Thumps up

Really the Best Gift ...

Thanks all for your great work.

I can't seem to get the DMD window to show in front of the table.although it seems to run unseen.

I am using the script that brings the DMD to the front and this happens if I'm using say VP 9.90.


What am I doing wrong?


I realise that this was the wrong place to ask now and the issue can be resolved in the script.

Can someone please tell my why the nudge feature in all the VP 10 tables I've tried only move the tables?

It does not affect the ball path whatsoever.

Is this to do with the program itself or the scripting on the tables?


I've tried asking on pages relating to individual tables, no reply there.

I can't see anything about this on this page.


Pinball without a useable nudge feature means a lot more lost balls!


I play desktop not cabinet tables.

May 25 2016 09:00 PM

This is a very promising version of Visual Pinball. Sadly, it has so long to go. The performance of this program even when using minimal settings (don't even think it did anything) is terrible, especially when combined with Visual PinMAME. Key response rate is very sluggish, taking as much as 500 milliseconds between key press and when a flipper is actually flipped. That is unacceptable for a pinball simulator and took a huge hit in my rating for this program.


This program also needs an easy way to convert tables from visual pinball V8 and V9, which currently it lacks. It even lacks proper documentation and therefore takes guessing and checking to figure out the changes between this and other versions, especially script-wise.


It's a promising release. But sadly this should have been released as beta at best. It was never meant to be an official release with its flaws. And I know it can't be my computer because I have lots of RAM, a good processor, and a graphics card.

There's an old story that has something to do with staring a gift horse in the mouth.

Jun 09 2016 02:35 AM

I don't know about all that. It's wicked on my cab. You may want to check your awesome computer again because it's smooth and fast as hell on mine.

after several tests I found that the most real physical carry these values:
Gravity Constant   : 0.8 - 0.83
Playfield Friction : 0.02+

Playfield Elasticity: 0.25


Rubbers (default):
Elasticity         : 0.6
Elasticity Falloff : 0.2
Friction           : 0.5 - 0.6
Scatter Angle      : 5


Mass               : 1.0
Strength           : 1200-1800 (for EM tables) 2200-2800(for modern tables)
Elasticity         : 0.55
Elasticity Falloff : 0.1
Friction           : 0.1 or 0.2
Return Strength    : 0.058+
Coil Up Ramp       : 2.4 - 3.5


based on these values must accommodate the rest.
tables improved to a higher level



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