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  • Submitted: Dec 24 2015 08:49 AM
  • Last Updated: Dec 24 2021 01:10 PM
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  • Author(s): Randy Davis
    Noah Fentz
    Chris Leathley
    Mark Parris
    Jerry Rice
    Rolle Cruz
    Brian Smith
    Wizard's Hat

Previous Versions

  • 23 Mar 2021 Download Visual Pinball X (Standalone EXE) 10.6.2
  • 28 Jun 2020 Download Visual Pinball X (Standalone EXE) 10.6.1
  • 06 Oct 2019 Download Visual Pinball X (Standalone EXE) 10.6

Download Visual Pinball X (Standalone EXE) 10.7.0

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Note: Pick VPinballX7_Minimal.zip if you're not sure which one to download, as this is the latest version.
Standalone EXE, all needed DLLs, changelog, command reference and registry keys for Visual Pinball X 10.7.0
Simply copy all of the files in the ZIP into your already existing Visual Pinball directory. Overwrite already existing files there when asked. If you already had the core.vbs script package in your 'Tables' sub-directory previously, either delete these, or move all files contained in the 'Scripts' sub-directory to 'Tables'.
For all the changes regarding the core vbs script file package look into core.vbs for the full changelog, and CommandReference.txt for all changes in the script interface

What's New in Version 10.7.0 (See full changelog)

  • *** VPX ***
  • - reworked UI
  • o layer handling is now in a seperate window. Uncheck the checkbox to hide a complete layer or single elements
  • o support added to add unlimit amount of layers
  • o layers with no elements will be automaticaly deleted
  • o fast double-click a layer will select all elements of this layer and double-click one element will select it
  • o with a slow double-click on a layer or element let you rename it
  • o toolbar, properties and layers are now dockable windows without the need to restart VP
  • o add context menu item to assign selected elements to the current selected layer.
  • - to reset the position of the dockable windows in the editor, open Preference -> "Editor/UI Options..." and click on "Reset Window Possitons"
  • - when exporting/importing a POV file, the custom user settings per table are now also exported/imported
  • - when importing a primitive mesh, there is now a new option that prevents internal reordering/optimization of the data
  • - add support for loading VPP/physics settings automatically: One can define an extra VPP(.vpp) file for each table, named like the VPX file
  • Example: you have some custom VPP settings for the table "QBerts Quest (Gottlieb 1983).vpx". Save the VPP settings into the file
  • "QBerts Quest (Gottlieb 1983).vpp" and place it in the same directory as the VPX file. VPX will then also load the VPP settings
  • automatically when loading the "QBerts Quest (Gottlieb 1983).vpx" (in the editor/player).
  • Or if you like to have default VPP settings that are used for any other tables, save it as "autovpp.vpp"
  • - add MP3 and OGG support (via the BASS library) to the sound manager and the 'standard' sound commands
  • these new file types are now also saved directly into the VPX file, unlike the music commands (which still use the 'music' folder for legacy reasons)
  • Going forward, tables should only use the sound commands and not the music commands anymore (unless one needs to ship a music pack separately)
  • - add XInput (and for now disabled SDL) input APIs, selectable in the 'Keys, Nudge and DOF' preferences dialog
  • -> this means for example better support for XBOX controllers and (via additional driver software) PS controllers
  • - added (optional) Rumble effects when XInput or SDL input APIs are selected, can be disabled in the 'Keys, Nudge and DOF' preferences dialog
  • - add another 7.1 SurroundSound mode tuned for SSF cabinet configurations (7.1 Surround Sound Feedback (enhanced))
  • this exaggerates the positional feel of the playfield sound effects when
  • played in a cabinet with exciter pairs positioned at each end of the cabinet
  • - add WEBP to list of supported image formats
  • - add various anaglyph (e.g. red/cyan) 3D stereo glasses modes to the video preferences, also an additional left<->right flipped interlaced mode
  • - as with all 3D stereo modes, please note that turning off "Reflect Elements on Playfield", Ball motion trails and Ball shadows (if the table implements these) can help the perceived image quality
  • - also the same/known 'F10' key to turn on/off the 3D stereo rendering during gameplay works
  • - optimize table loading/pre-processing time
  • to reduce the amount of parallel CPU threads running, use the new command line parameter "-LessCPUthreads"
  • - optimize loading of JPG images in the table
  • - reduce temporary memory needed for images and automatically downscale textures if CPU memory is running out
  • - add table save date and revision to table info and also show this in the pause info/menu
  • - add new plunger option: Enable 1s retract
  • The plunger will move forth and back between the maximum and minimum position, allowing for a retry, if the desired firing position has been missed.
  • Useful for button/key plunging and should become your new default.
  • Note that some few tables may (ab)use a manual plunger for e.g. kickbacks and these can then be fixed by enabling the autoplunger checkbox for that element.
  • - add Inder/Playmatic trigger mesh
  • - make debug text/FPS output adapt to resolution and rotation
  • - first press of 'F11' will now show a minimalistic FPS-only text, then pressing it the next time will continue with the already known detailed statistics/profiling displays (as the latter had too much impact on the FPS itself)
  • - the script editor now works in UTF-8 mode and also saves it like that (note though that VBS itself may not digest all of UTF-8!)
  • - add post-processed sharpening filters to the video preferences: CAS (less aggressive, rather subtle) and Bilateral CAS (can effectively counter the general blur coming in from FXAA or SMAA, etc, while keeping the AA alone)
  • - improve quality and performance of internal DMD shader (especially visible on FSS tables)
  • - support to add custom notes to a table. To open a dockable notes dialog use the menu View -> Notes. Any text that was entered there is saved with the current active table.
  • - add ElasticityFalloff to the wall physics properties
  • - add Flashers and Primitives to Light sequencer collections
  • - ability to do a rough profiling of the table loading
  • if a file 'Profile.txt' exists in the same directory as VPX, then statistics for the loaded tables will be appended
  • - add a button to the video preferences that resets the (windowed mode) player window position
  • - add new command line parameter "-PovEdit [filename]" which loads and runs a table in camera mode, then exports a new pov on exit
  • - add new command line parameter "-ExtMinimized" to start VP in the 'invisible' minimized window mode, but with enabled Pause Menu
  • - add new command line parameter "-Primary" to force VP to render on the Primary/Pixel(0,0) Monitor
  • - add support for capturing any window content into a flasher texture (intended to be used with PUP content)
  • - be able to 'loop' the automatic loading/select-file dialog if this new setting is enabled in the editor preferences
  • (i.e. after having played a table and one exits, the table is unloaded and one can directly select the next one to play)
  • - retweak default saving filenames for Blueprint-images, .obj, .pov and .vpp: It's now copied from the table filename
  • - add 2 new tables to the 'File->New' menu: A completely empty table and a light sequencer demo table
  • FIXES:
  • - fix issues with 3D Audio setups and backglass sounds (like music)
  • - the Play Button in the Sound dialog now respects the volume/pan/fade values
  • - deleting an image will not copy the old alpha value over to the next image in the list anymore
  • - fix problems when exporting multiple sounds or images
  • - fix wrong bounceback direction of gate
  • - fix problem with gate animations introduced in 10.1 when the open/close script functions were used before
  • - fix issue where saving a table can cost up to 4x (8x on 64bit) the temporary memory
  • - fix issues when fallback search of core.vbs is triggered
  • - properly save recently opened directory for all kinds of dialogs
  • - fix crashes and not being able to select files with very long file names (e.g. images)
  • - fix hang on player exit on some setups
  • - do not mark table as dirty if just starting to play it (i.e. due to backup phase)
  • - replace dithering code with blue noise, fixes flickering patterns (especially in darker table areas)
  • - disable dithering code when running in 10bit output mode
  • - tweak AO (Ambient Occlusion) and SSR (Screen Space Reflections) to be a bit less noisy
  • - slightly tweak light transmission filter to capture a larger radius (for very bright lights)
  • - revamp bloom filter to capture a larger radius and to be more robust in general, incl. fixing slightly wrong offsets when downsampling
  • - fix a small error in the original SMAA filter code, and also increase quality parameters slightly (to match reshade)
  • - retweak Standard FXAA and Quality FXAA filters to be a bit sharper
  • - tweak minimum physics cycle time, which mainly influences kickers
  • also update default kicker physics (Hit height 0.35 and Hit accuracy 0.5)
  • - slightly optimize collision code, especially for dropped targets
  • - fix slightly wrong flipper mesh (visible for very short flippers)
  • - extend light blinking patterns from size 32 to 'unlimited'
  • - fix some broken insert lights if playfield reflections are disabled
  • - fix OBJ-exported names for all ramp types
  • - fix missing wire thickness for triggers on OBJ export
  • - fix crash on (at least) one pre-forsyth-mesh-reorder table
  • - fix crash on loading older tables with too long collection names
  • - fix crash on loading older tables with too long item names (now its also prevented to create these)
  • - fix hangs on loading/playing older tables due to invalid shapes
  • - in general be more robust against invalid/'too long' names
  • - add many more different windowed mode resolutions
  • - more robustly handle display resolutions that are greater FullHD(1920x1080)
  • - fix various issues (wrong resolution selected, etc) in the resolution selection list
  • - also search for table-script replacements (i.e. external .vbs with the same/table name) in the "Scripts" folder to match the core script behavior
  • - when modifying the table-script, check if it was loaded from an external .vbs, and if yes, then save the modifications to that file (and only optionally to the .vpx table itself)
  • - delete duplicate images and sounds (same filename/path in the Sound/Image Manager) and remove dead image/material/surface links from items (i.e. if that thingie's name does not exist anymore)
  • - when using save-as for table saving, go to the same folder and prefill dialog using the same name as the current table
  • - fix crash when importing older .vpp files in the physics import
  • - import min & max slope, too, when importing a .vpp file directly in a table
  • - when setting up the defaults for low- or high-end PCs in the video preferences via the respective buttons, ignore settings that do not influence performance like display, FS mode, etc
  • - make debug dialog (and its text edit) resizable
  • - improved script error messages and handling
  • o there is a new dialog when you get a script error, showing a stack trace of where the error came from, as well as local variables and function arguments at each point in the stack
  • o a script debugger needs to be installed to get this more detailed error information
  • o installing Visual Studio 2010 Isolated Shell seems to work
  • o this information is saved when you quit gameplay, and can be shown from "Script > Toggle error log" in the script editor
  • o compile errors are now also shown in this log, instead of popping up a dialog box
  • o further, runtime errors can be suppressed from showing a dialog box for the current play session, which can be useful if you keep getting errors on a timer
  • - fix an issue where the light sequencer could become stuck
  • - any light sequencer TailLength value higher than 0 will now 'Reverse', i.e. the lights will turn 'off/on' instead of default 'on/off'
  • - tweak flipper shadows (via script) implementation in the example/blank table
  • - update BASS library to 2.4.16
  • - script editor updated to use scintilla library 4.4.4 (custom build)
  • - see Changelog_Scripts.txt for the respective core script changes (version 3.58)
  • - see CommandReference.txt for the changelog of all the scripting properties/interface changes
  • - see Scripts.txt for the actual usage and "documentation" of the scripts that come with VPX
  • - add Clang (via Visual Studio 2019) support, still has a linking prob with 32bit though
  • *** CORE SCRIPTS ***
  • - Add possibility to selectively disable B2S by setting new variable "B2SOff=True" (after ExecuteGlobal GetTextFile("controller.vbs"), but before LoadXXX)
  • - Added directional (pan/fade) sound to DropTargets, Kickers, Trough, BallStacks, Locks, Diverters
  • VPinball versions prior 10.7 will use a constant size of 950x2100 for positional reference
  • If some objects are not properly initialized, or Walls are used as Drop Targets, the old center sound will be played
  • - Add PullbackandRetract to cvpmImpulseP
  • - Added Atari1b.vbs
  • - Added joctronic.vbs
  • - Added s8_StillCrazy.vbs (System 8/Still Crazy)
  • - Added inder_atleta.vbs
  • - Slightly updated LTD3.vbs (3 coin chutes)
  • - Added WIP LTD4a.vbs
  • - Added constant (vpmFourStepSol) for new 4-solenoid stepper motor mech type used by High Roller Casino, Starship Troopers, and Playboy
  • - Cleanup scripts and separate the major documentation part into Scripts.txt
  • - Fix an old bug in controller.vbs that did uninitialized validity/version checks
  • - Fixed FPVPX.vbs (unsure how this was supposed to work before at all)
  • - add GetSerialDevices,OpenSerial,CloseSerial,FlushSerial,SetupSerial,ReadSerial,WriteSerial to the globals
  • - add GetInPlayState,GetInPlayStateBool to the light element
  • - add VideoCapWidth,VideoCapHeight,VideoCapUpdate to the flasher element
  • - document missing x,y,z to the target element
  • - add GetMaterial to the globals (counterpart to UpdateMaterial)
  • - add UpdateMaterialPhysics and GetMaterialPhysics to the globals
  • - add ActiveTable to the globals
  • - document missing ActiveBall global call
  • - add PullBackandRetract to the plunger element that can be used instead of PullBack in the KeyDown Sub.
  • The plunger will move forth and back between the maximum and minimum position, allowing for a retry, if the desired firing position has been missed.
  • - add ElasticityFalloff to the wall element

OMG! Really thanks guys... the best gift I could receive for Christmas
Dec 24 2015 08:03 PM

Wow, I was expecting something cool for Christmas but OMG today is Amazing!!!  I can honestly say I did not See Pinball X being released.


Thank You can't even begin to cover the incredible job everyone did on this project. It truly must have been a labor of love!


Merry Christmas to everyone. Now I'm off to truly be a kid at Christmas and open all my fantastic gifts!!!!!!!!

Amazing Xmas gift. Thx a lot! Thumps up

Really the Best Gift ...

Thanks all for your great work.

I can't seem to get the DMD window to show in front of the table.although it seems to run unseen.

I am using the script that brings the DMD to the front and this happens if I'm using say VP 9.90.


What am I doing wrong?


I realise that this was the wrong place to ask now and the issue can be resolved in the script.

Can someone please tell my why the nudge feature in all the VP 10 tables I've tried only move the tables?

It does not affect the ball path whatsoever.

Is this to do with the program itself or the scripting on the tables?


I've tried asking on pages relating to individual tables, no reply there.

I can't see anything about this on this page.


Pinball without a useable nudge feature means a lot more lost balls!


I play desktop not cabinet tables.

May 25 2016 09:00 PM

This is a very promising version of Visual Pinball. Sadly, it has so long to go. The performance of this program even when using minimal settings (don't even think it did anything) is terrible, especially when combined with Visual PinMAME. Key response rate is very sluggish, taking as much as 500 milliseconds between key press and when a flipper is actually flipped. That is unacceptable for a pinball simulator and took a huge hit in my rating for this program.


This program also needs an easy way to convert tables from visual pinball V8 and V9, which currently it lacks. It even lacks proper documentation and therefore takes guessing and checking to figure out the changes between this and other versions, especially script-wise.


It's a promising release. But sadly this should have been released as beta at best. It was never meant to be an official release with its flaws. And I know it can't be my computer because I have lots of RAM, a good processor, and a graphics card.

There's an old story that has something to do with staring a gift horse in the mouth.

Jun 09 2016 02:35 AM

I don't know about all that. It's wicked on my cab. You may want to check your awesome computer again because it's smooth and fast as hell on mine.

after several tests I found that the most real physical carry these values:
Gravity Constant   : 0.8 - 0.83
Playfield Friction : 0.02+

Playfield Elasticity: 0.25


Rubbers (default):
Elasticity         : 0.6
Elasticity Falloff : 0.2
Friction           : 0.5 - 0.6
Scatter Angle      : 5


Mass               : 1.0
Strength           : 1200-1800 (for EM tables) 2200-2800(for modern tables)
Elasticity         : 0.55
Elasticity Falloff : 0.1
Friction           : 0.1 or 0.2
Return Strength    : 0.058+
Coil Up Ramp       : 2.4 - 3.5


based on these values must accommodate the rest.
tables improved to a higher level



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