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  • Submitted: Dec 18 2014 03:12 PM
  • Last Updated: Dec 18 2014 05:16 PM
  • File Size: 51.35MB
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  • Author(s): cyberpez
  • Manufacturer: Other - Pinball
  • Year: 1985
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  • Permission to MOD?: Yes, without approval

Download New Wave (Bell Games 1985) VP9.9 FS 1.0 1.0

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New Wave Bell Games

Hi There,
This is my first release, so go easy on me :)
I ran across this table almost a year ago and fell in love with it, but wanted to give the old vp8 table some love.  I was lucky to find a nice playfield and plastics pic, re-drew both, and think they turned out well!
Check the top of the table for options...  When researching I found different combinations of plastics, post colors, etc.  I tried to squeeze as much of that in as I could.  There is also an option for day and night.
Credits and Thanks go to:
First off, Big Thanks to Sindbad.  He helped me a lot in making this table functional, along with help on the fading light routines and basic code help.  He also shared his secrets for making the lighting POP!!!  AND he introduced me to his test team!!
Thanks to my test team!!  The Loafer, Shadowsclassic, Nemo, Arngrim, dboyrecords, Zany.  With their help we squashed bugs and tweaked the playability.  Without them this table would not have been nearly as fun to play as it is now.  Thanks again for your time and help!!
Thanks to Tab and Destruk for the original vp8 table and permission to mod it.  Without their original light/switch mappings this table would have never seen the "light" of day.
Thanks to Zany for the primitive pop bumpers!  Now they actually look like bumpers!!

Thanks to Arngrim for adding in DOF, and helping with the sound code!!
Thanks to all the Table Authors, Table Template Builders, Primitive Builders, etc. that have come before me.  It's AMAZING(!!!!!!!) what you have all done with this program.  I'd give you all credit but I'd never stop typing names.  Thanks!!!
Hope you Enjoy!!!

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wow! looks great! thank you

Dec 19 2014 11:18 AM

This plays so smooth and looks great. Thank you!

Excellent masterpiece for a first release!


Really nice !

Thanks for your first great beauty!

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