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VPF.org Community Guidelines



Keep it civil: Don't engage in personal attacks, name-calling, or blanket generalizations in your discussions. Say how you feel or what you think, but be careful about telling others how they "should" think. People seeking to engage and discuss will find themselves asking questions, seeking clarifications, and describing their own opinion. People seeking to "win an argument" sometimes end up taking cheap shots, calling people names, and generally trying to intimidate others. My advice: don't try to win.

Keep it clean: Don't use excessive and unnecessary obscenities, and please refrain from any obscenities outside Big Bang Bar.. If it would be inappropriate to say to or show to your grandmother, don't do it outside the bar. I want a typical 14 year old kid to be able to come here and participate without feeling uncomfortable. This should be a minor-friendly place. Let's take the responsibility of passing this great hobby on to the next generations seriously.

Keep it on topic: We don't actually forbid off-topic conversation. But keep in mind that this is a pinball site, with many forums on a lot of related topics. Try to put your posts in the right forums (it helps people find stuff, for one thing); off-topic posts go in the Big Bang Bar forum. Off-topic polls (not posts -- polls) are forbidden. I should also mention the "no religion, no politics" rule -- please refrain from discussion of a religious or political nature. This last may seem to be a rather strict rule, but it will help keep the peace around here. There are plenty of other places on the internet where one could have those discussions.

Multiple accounts are not allowed: Contact the administrator if you have questions regarding your current account.*

*It is nearly impossible to determine whether it is a different person posting if you are on the same computer or internet connection. Please refrain from registering two accounts from the same household. If you must, contact the administration before so we can discuss it and avoid misunderstandings.


It is important for you to realize that with a large number of posts made by many members, we admins and mods can't know about everything that goes on. If you feel that there is a problem, or that someone gets out of line with you or anyone else, please let a moderator know.

Please don't be offended if, in a given instance, the moderator doesn't agree with you. I can assure you that all of the moderators here do their best to be fair and frequently talk issues over. With that in mind, we do have a couple of rules when it comes to moderators, and we ask you to abide by them:

We appreciate that sometimes you will disagree with a moderator's decision, or feel that a request from a moderator is unfair or unjustified. We're not going to be able to keep everyone happy all of the time, so we settle for trying to keep most people happy most of the time. Whether or not you agree with a moderator's stance, we do expect you to abide by their decisions and requests.

If you really, really disagree with a moderator's position on a moderating issue, please don't argue about it on the boards. That means no calling out of moderators, no challenging their decisions in the thread, and certainly no attempts to go over a moderator's head. The moderators all discuss such things amongst themselves, and no moderator or admin is ever going to override another. If you honestly feel that you have been treated unfairly, please contact the moderator in question privately and discuss it with them. The end result may not be the one you were seeking, but we will always do our our best to be fair.



Tables are to be uploaded by the authors or modders of the table, or the VPF staff. We reserve the right to upload table recreations, not originals, in an effort to preserve their contributions to the community.

By uploading to our site, you are helping us preserve pinball history, or, in the case of originals, making it!

By allowing us to host your material(s) for the enjoyment of the community, we'd appreciate you making every reasonable effort to maintain, update, and ensure its functionality.

It is our intent to provide resources for all virtual pinball enthusiasts to share their work indefinitely, and we would appreciate the same dedication on your part. If you feel an absolute need to have your contribution removed at a future time, we ask that you first reconsider. By removing your content, you are taking away a piece of the community and its history.

Please direct removal requests to the Board Administrator for review of your request. Rendering uploads inoperable without notification to the Staff is not acceptable under any circumstances.

Thank you!

The posting of MOD WIP's and/or uploading mods is strictly forbidden without the consent from the original author ... period, as well as link to sites containing unauthorized MODs. If an author is inactive and/or unreachable not withstanding.

Thanks for reading! If you have a question or comment about this post, please start a thread in the Forum Issues, Ideas, and Suggestions forum.



We do not sell any of the content on this site, but we cannot operate with the great demand for bandwidth we experience without expenses. We offer a variety of support packages that include various benefits and services.

Standard Member (FREE)
  • 50 VPX Table Downloads per Day, everything else UNLIMITED.*
  • No Attachments in Posts or PMs
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Silver Supporter ($10.00/year)
  • Unlimited Downloads
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Gold Supporter ($25.00/3 years)
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Platinum Supporter ($60.00/lifetime)
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These packages are entirely optional and all content on the site is FREE. Always will be.
*This is only to disrupt the bots. If you'd prefer to not subscribe, contact the Board Administrator. If you're not a bot, we can unlock it for you.

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