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  • Author(s): jpsalas
  • Manufacturer: Williams
  • Year: 1995
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Previous Versions

  • 12 Feb 2014 Download Attack from Mars VP921 beta 4
  • 06 Feb 2014 Download Attack from Mars VP921 beta 3
  • 15 Dec 2013 Download Attack from Mars VP920 beta 2

Download Attack from Mars VP921 beta 5

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This is still a beta of how AFM can be made using the new options available in VP916.
What have I used in this table:
- Fading Lightmaps (no need for full screen images for each step in the fading)
- 8 steps Gi and fading  (also no need for 8 full screen playfield images)
- flashers using alpha ramps
- targets using primitives (no special mesh here, just plain VP primitives)
- big ufo using a primitive for better shaking effect (the shaking could be better)
- the 3 bank targets are made using primitives too, so it can hide or rise easily
- the rubber posts and screws are also made with primitives (takes from FP), but I haven't learned yet how to properly add a image to the mesh.

Still it is a long way before it is finished, since I should like to use 3D objects for the aliens and saucers and better targets using a mesh. But that's something I still have to learn :). But for now maybe some authors should like to see the fading lightmaps in action, and maybe some of you should like to play with a different AFM :).

Some general notes about this VP916 version:
- this table does not use any extra refresh for the alpha ramps, since by turning off the Region Updates, the alpha ramps refresh quite well and there is no need for extra refresh lights. So turn off Region Updates, and turn on Hardware Rendering and the Region Optimization. I have included a small image shouwing you the option I use in VP916.
- the plastics light up by using alpha ramps, this saves a lot of work in photoshop and a lot of work adding the VP lights on top to make the fading effect. It also saves video memory. I still feel that the old way to make those plastics can look much better than simply adding an alpha ramp, but it is much easier to make it this way for newer authors, and the results are nor bad :)
- the flasher textures are the same as the gi textures and the lightmap textures. But the gi textures are made with 8 steps, and the lightmaps have a black bacground. I guess better textures will make better lights :)
- the table's size is adjusted to my monitor (a 16x10) so you may need to change the XScale on the backdrop settings. So if you have a...
4x3 monitor then change the XScale to be the same as the YScale
16x9 monitor then make the XScale to be the YScale multiplied by 0.83
in my monitor (16x10) the XScale is the YScale multiplied by 0.75

And yes, I'm still retired (as a VP author :)) and I still have very little free time, but I always will find some free time for VP :)

What's New in Version beta 5 (See full changelog)

  • Beta 5:
  • - Added a complete new set of aliens made by randr (thanks!)
  • - Changed the fading lights script to include the new flasher objects. The flasher routines uses its own much faster timer.
  • Beta4:
  • - fixed some visual bugs (ramp, green ufo)
  • - since this is still beta and still experimenting with the primitives :) so I changed the lights on the ufos, and made the small ufos rotate instead.
  • - made some graphic changes to the aliens and flippers
  • - and some changes to the flipper physics to try to get them to shoot better at the center.
  • Beta 3:
  • Too many changes to remember them all :)
  • - New ufos using primitives. But to speed them up I used primitives without a mesh. Just plain primitives.
  • - changed all the alpha ramps used as flashers with the new flasher object. I used 53 flashers in the table
  • - add a special routine to turn those flashers on and off, with amazing fading :) Press the 2 key to see them in action.
  • - I made my first mesh for the 4 aliens. But they look like inflated dolls, hahaha. That's something for the next beta.
  • The good thing is that the table can be rotated now and everything will look fine. I have added some notes in the table info about the parameters for the FS view.
  • Beta 2:
  • -Adjusted the height of the gi and flashers so it works with the latest VP920 beta, rev787
  • -This tables uses "normal" lights instead of lightmaps.
  • -The table should work regardless of the video options, so the gi and flashers should work well on all the setups.
  • Still no mesh for the UFOS so the table still is not ready for FS use. Also the big UFo shaking is not as good as I should like, also because this ufo doesn't use a mesh, but it is a single image.


Screenshots Screenshots

JP IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you very much JP :D

Thank you!

Both freshly released updated version plays great!

However I can see some square "light" artefacts around saucers and on playfield. I am using VPinball rev716. No similar problem in TOTAN.

JP!!!  You are awesome!!! Thanks!!!

Looks fantastic! :D

Gracias por estar de nuevo entre nosotros.Tengo problema al iniciar el juego me salen 2 mesas de juego,una encima de la otra, monitor 16/9.No se que tengo mal configurado.Un Saludo.

You, sir jpsalas, are my true hero. Thank you so much to make this table so perfect.

Nov 27 2013 07:32 PM

Hey, HOla amigo. Me pone Script Error

Line 1245

Variable no definida:Bsize

¿me falta actualizar algo?


Salu2 y mira que me alegrado ver que has actualizado tú pagína. Crack!

Dec 20 2013 03:45 PM

Works well on my laptop.


CPU = intel i7-3630QM 2.5Ghz - VGA = AMD FirePro m4000

Visual Pinball = 9.2.1 r801


Thanks Jpsalas !

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