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  • Submitted: Aug 14 2011 05:53 AM
  • Last Updated: Oct 03 2011 05:10 PM
  • File Size: 14.6MB
  • Views: 17933
  • Downloads: 5,070
  • Author(s): JPSalas
  • Manufacturer: Data East
  • Year: 1992

Download Star Trek 25th Anniversary v1.05 FS 1.0.5

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Based on the Data East table from 1992

First I want to thank Strangeleo72 for taking the pictures of the real table and to Grizz & Hassanchop for redrawing the playfield and plastics.

I have used many alpha ramps in this table to add some light effects. I tried to keep them to a minimum to do not slow down the table. Also the GI effects are also very much reduced. But still there are enough lights blinking smile.gif

This FS version has higher resolution graphics. If your graphics card can't display them then you may limit the Max Texture Dimension to 1024, or extract the images from the desktop (4:3) version and replace them (the images are green_a, green_b, green_on, pf, pf_a, pf_b, pf_on, pf_flash, plastics and plastics_on.

It seems to be impossible to turn sideways the ROM used in this table. I added the code in the script but the ROM doesn't turn to the left, I guess it is due to the emulation.

Update 1.01:
-Fixed trigger on the right ramp not registering

Update 1.02:
- Fixed hole triggers under the left ramp, removed the extra diverter and fixed the gate.

Update 1.04 27 August 2011
- Fixed script bug. Thanks Axioma for finding that one.
- Fixed loop gate
- Fixed rom name

Update 1.05 2 October 2011
- Fixed a few script bugs (thanks to kiwi and DedRock_V)

WOW! What a treat! TY so much for all of these awesome tables you guys provide us!

love it
Another gem! Thank you so much guys!
Otherworldly! Thank you
Aug 14 2011 08:25 PM
Unbelievable!!!! One of the cleanest games I have ever played, perfection!!!!
Awesome, thanks.
biggrin.gif!!! THANKYOU!
Thanks for the update! good.gif
I hadn't played this game in 15 years and I still love it. Thank you!

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