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  • Submitted: Aug 29 2010 05:18 PM
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  • File Size: 9.09MB
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  • Author(s): melon
  • Manufacturer: Williams
  • Year: 1984

Download Space Shuttle VP9 1.02 FS 1.02

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Based on the 1984 Williams Space Shuttle, Full screen cabinet version.

Special thanks to McFly for redrawing the plastics and for the tons of images providen.
Thanks to Leo (StrangeLeo) for the backdrop
Thanks to ChispaMaster for the ball image.
Thanks to UR&NF for letting me use their screws and of course a big thank you to JPSalas, many of the resources are from him.

Revision 1.01: Fixed the ball trough the inlanes issue. Fixed the shooterlane switch
Revision 1.02: Fixed the drop targets solenoid numbers. Fixed the diverter non visible. Added and raised some walls and deleted the jump effect to prevent ball getting stuck anywhere in the table

Looks Great - Little Fast for me, so I slowed it down a notch. I changed the Gravity Settings

1 problem: The right outlane "airlock" is by default on for the first ball, but the gate is closed (with the airlock light on). After the ball drains the first time, the gate is then working fine.
Sep 12 2010 06:39 AM
please space shuttle taito versions
Thanks so much for FS conversion smile.gif
the ROM sstl_l7 is not working for some reason.
What a FAST and FUN table! Thanks melon!
How do you "slow" the ball for this game? It's much too fast! Also, there is no DMD on the screen.
Any suggestions?
same here, no DMD (I have a 3 monitor setup) ... I upgraded to the latest vpinmame.dll cabinet version, no luck (probably my stupid user error, but i haven't had this problem before on any other tables ... help!) and by the way, the table plays GREAT ... wow! also, i did have the rom checksum error, but upgrading my dll worked, thx
ok, of course after posting I immediately found out my problem. the script just needed to be changed ... there was a line called

Hidden "true"

that needed to be changed to

Hidden "false"

and voila, the DMD showed up in the corner like usual! the scores are stacked 3 on the left and one on the right (which probably reflects the pattern on the original backglass), so the DMD is a little goofy but I'm very happy to have it working and be able to play this fantastic table ... thanks so much for the efforts involved with making this, A+ !!

The playfield looks great, but slightly shifted down.  Also, the space shuttle at the top is stretched out of proportion a little.  But plays great, I have the real machine and it's right on...

Is your actual plunger working?  Mines dead on this table, have to use manual button...  No option to enable?

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