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  • Submitted: Sep 16 2009 05:57 PM
  • Last Updated: --
  • File Size: 34.18MB
  • Views: 21782
  • Downloads: 5,492
  • Author(s): Table Author: MegaPin(Groni)
    Table Mod: Kingb33
  • Manufacturer: Bally
  • Year: 1993

Download Twilight Zone Night Mod FS 1.2

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Twilight Zone v1.2 Night Mod FSTable by GroniMod KingB33 UW


Here is a full set of artwork for Twilight Zone Night Mod by MegaPin(Groni)
This is TZ by Groni. Modification by Kingb33 and unclewilly.
Changes List:
-Playfield rework: Added color to the characters on the pf, redid the town square area, and added shadows for the ramps and toys by kingb33
-New Bumpercap textures
-All reels and decals turned into walls
-All non playfield lights redone and positioned as on the real table.
-Slot machine mod
-Robby the Robot light sequence
-Rocketship light sequence
-New gumball machine texture and light sequence
-Invader and light sequence
-Girl Flasher mod
-Mini Pf Lamp added
-Camera Toy added
-Small Gumball Toy added
-Piano Toy added
-Clock retextured for blue plastic
-Ramp transparent texture updated
-New Flasher textures
-Active Gi lighting added
-Launch and Drain Light sequence added
-Plunger reel updated

Thanks to Groni for allowing us to release this modifacation.

Hello, if I want to play is the playing field by 90 ° degrees rotated. How can I change it? Or is it intentional?

Gruß Tom
Mar 15 2010 06:33 PM
Seriously cool mod!

I am absolutely loving these "night" mods, really excited to see more!!
Thanks so much for FS conversion smile.gif
Night mods are a nice add-on as I've said before, but what I hate about them is it makes the table artwork alot more difficult to see, and when the only release of a FS table is with a night mod I get a bit annoyed because I'd rather have the original-looking table first and the night-mod second. Don't get me wrong I think they're great and have been executed nicely but a big part of the reason for me collecting FS tables is to be able to exhibit the artwork to friends/family who may have never gotten a chance to see the original tables in R/L.
<EDIT> I just bumped up the gamma settings and it looks great
Fantastic table!

I increased the brightness on many of the table images and lights and it look amazing!
Not day or night, its Twilight.
Great job!
Aug 07 2012 12:09 PM
cool.gif Worship.gif clapping.gif dblthumb.gif tup.gif yahoo.gif

Oct 03 2012 04:25 PM
Very cool! Excellent work as always! You ARE my best and favorite Uncle! Thanks for letting me play this one, never did in the arcade there was always a line of regulars. Now I see why 8)
Like a lot of folks I would like to have both regular and night modes. I think it would be cool to have a section of pins in Hyperpin of just night mods, or if there was a way in HP like ther is in Hyperspin what you could have a separate list for them. That way you could show of the art with the regular, but when you get the arcade lights going in the cave you could bring up the night modes to go along with the room!

Does a regular FS TZ exist. One without the night mod?


With 9.1.5 I find it nearly impossible to hit "lock ball" with the left flipper?

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