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  • Submitted: Apr 11 2018 04:43 AM
  • Last Updated: Jun 06 2018 04:15 AM
  • File Size: 85.41MB
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  • Downloads: 856
  • Author(s): scottywic
  • Media Pack: Link to Media Pack
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Download Stranger Things: Stranger Edition 1.42

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original vpx stranger things scottywic pinup

Stranger Things: Stranger Edition, a full rebuild / reimagining of my original from last year.  It's pretty much not even the same game anymore. I'm kinda exhausted soo I'll write more in the future but for now, go get to playing and stop wasting your time reading this.
Credits / Thank You's
  • My Wife for her amazing voice over work (yes that is her pitch shifted up to sound like a teen) on the game and her patience with me while i was working on this table for far too many hours. And also for giving us a beautiful baby boy =).
  • Nailbuster for the amazing pinup player and his endless patience working with me to add features and additions to make all this come together.
  • The VPX team, without this amazing platform none of this would be possible.
  • TerryRed for all his work on the DOF and MXleds, the complexity of this work and his dedication is  inspiring.
  • TomTower for his guidance and the amazing Demogorgon animation - seriously amazing.
  • Ninuzzu for his help on the Demogorgon extension rod and al blinking wall lights scripting.
  • DJRobx for the amazing SSF work, making the clunks and thuds sound unbelievably realistic.
  • JPsalas for his guidance getting me started coding pinball tables he is the godfather.
  • Peter, Jens and Clint for their endless bug checking and help dialing this game in.
  • Flupper for his tutorials on clear plastic ramps and his awesome dome scripts which i used heavily.
  • lauminet for the awesome demogorgon model
  • Jrsprad & Stat for their help on version 1 of the table.
This is important.
  • Install Pinup - http://vpinball.com/...nt-end-install/
  • Configure the backglass on pinup settings to cover your entire backglass.
  • Then download my media pack at this link (it's 2.4gb) so it might take a bit. Promis it's worth it.https://nofile.io/f/...VqEUKf/STLE.zip pass - friendsdontlie (new link - includes the topper)
  •  Place the "STLE" folder from step 4 into your PUPVideos folder created by the pinup install.
  • Open the table file and check the config options at the top of the file (to get to this hit "Script" in the left hand bar of the vpx editor). If you have a dmd then turn on the ultradmd setting. If you have a topper then turn on the topper setting. Also you can adjust the various volume settings.
  • If your topper only plays for a few seconds then stops, then make sure your topper is set to "always on" in your pinup player configuration.
  • Start that badboy up and Play!!!!

What's New in Version 1.42 (See full changelog)

  • 1.42
  • should be the last one i believe. Just made some changes for post wizard mode fixes.
  • 1.41
  • small change to double confirm the wall is dropped for wizard mode.
  • Changes for 1.4
  • 1. ultradmd issues for other countries fix
  • 2. upside down gate fix
  • 3. barb multi from mystery fix
  • 4. Callouts volume setting
  • 5. Video volume setting
  • Changes for 1.3
  • AV club dugout was screwing with balls on the table went back to not destroying balls.
  • Changes for 1.1
  • BIGGEST CHANGE - TerryRed's amazing dof & MX led work. Seriously if it can be activated it will. Hell if my kegerator was hooked up he'd probably have programmed it to pour me a beer. You lucky people with badass dof get ready to live.
  • 1. Mystery reward on badmen lock 2 and start needs adjusted - fixed
  • 2 settings volume adjust - done
  • 3 empty character in high scores option - added
  • 4. high score sub line not being cleared - fixed
  • 5. Script error line 3773 in 10.5 beta when coin button pushed - coin button call taken out
  • 6. Add Brian's color grade and environment settings - added
  • 7. if music paused and callout comes I believe it unpauses it. Try to get a tilt warning in the upside down. - fixed upped video priority
  • 8. clear timer entry when it runs out or on game end/ball end - fixed
  • 10. bad men lights re lighting after should be cleared on new ball. - fixed
  • 11. for your next update, there is a small typo in one of the instruction text: “signla”. -fixed
  • 12. Added support for ultradmd commas in scores
  • 13. look at end of ball videos dropping then raising volume before next ball starts (i don't know exact but a few times i got 1-2 second blast of bg music on drain) - fixed
  • 14. av kicker drop below table dugout - added
  • 15. AutoPlunge reworked to be more universal.



anyone actually play this piece of crap?

Played the previous version 1.41.


Very cool table.


It was pretty awesome but was having issues with the PUP Player not stopping and taking over my backglass screen completely and wouldn't quit when quitting the table and ended up completely removing the Pup software from my cab.


I'll give this version another shot.

i enjoyed your first table...ill work on trying to play this before the end of the month  :)

anyone actually play this piece of crap?


Hahaha, of course.  This is one of the very few tables that I have in my Favorites playlist in my Pinup System.  I really like your creative vision that you translate so well into pinball tables.  Thanks again for all your hard work!  I hope we continue to see some more great work from you!

It is an excellent table that I play daily, together with champions league, which I also love, CARtoons is another great original, there are many but yours is of remarkable quality

OMG what a table!! Thanks man, your the best!

This might be a stupid question but I'm just getting started with VP. Can this be played on a single monitor setup?

I put the STLE folder into the correct folder but can't get any of the music or callouts to play, is there a way to get them to play?

Jul 06 2018 01:13 PM

Great table, thank you!

okay so i figured out my first problem but now I have another problem. I have ultraDMD installed but when i run the table it tells me that it can't find STLE.UltraDMD, and there seems to be no file like that in the STLE folder anywhere and you haven't included any downloads for it. Please respond as soon as you can because i'd love to play this at it's full potential!

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