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  • Submitted: Mar 11 2018 10:49 AM
  • Last Updated: Mar 31 2018 05:12 PM
  • File Size: 10.34MB
  • Views: 858
  • Downloads: 98
  • Author(s): PPs
  • Manufacturer: Original
  • Year: 2018
  • Permission to MOD?: Yes, without approval

Previous Versions

  • 11 Mar 2018 Download PPs first v2018

Download PPs first v2018-2

- - - - -

PPs first v2018-2 - pinball table for Future Pinball
Some things are strange... this is one of these ;)
A few days back I released my first table to make an end of its endless developement and to start editing a new one...
But there where some bugs that I could not stand with. So here is another (better?) version.

v2018 info text:
Finally my first Future Pinball table is ready to release. Since 2007 I did some work on it at the one or another day. So it took until now (2018-03-11) till it feels ready to release to me.

Hope you have fun with it as my family and me have.

some features of this table:

- light the 3 target lamps for extra ball
- 10 sec time for ballsave
- earn points getting to the ramps
- get the jackpot (max 10.000.000)
- bonus held when extra ball
- dmd
- jackpot score

PPs (31.03.2018)

What's New in Version v2018-2 (See full changelog)

  • version history:
  • new in v2018-2:
  • - hud can be toggled and table remembers the state
  • - surfaces put above some areas to prevent the ball from jumping to high
  • - put a lid on top of the ramp for same reason
  • - changed dmd a lot
  • - added some more sounds
  • new in v2018:
  • - corrected some guides to prevent stuck ball
  • - better positioned ball hole for the same reason
  • - many dmd optimizations
  • - added table info (service key in attract mode)
  • - "bonus held" only in extra ball
  • - translite changed, dmd now around Williams position and added a jackpot light
  • - jackpot added and awarded at max bonus multiplier
  • - added some sound effects (from salamisound.de)
  • new in v2016:
  • - corrected bulbs that where not reset
  • - table slope set to 10 degrees for a bit more speed
  • - extra balls counter in dmd
  • - some more infos on dmd
  • new in v2015:
  • some more bumpers, bonus lanes and lights, bonusmultiplier up to 6
  • the multiplier gets higher, by flashing all the bonus lights on the upper surface (not fully tested), the bonus points will be added right after each ball
  • alpha in 2007:
  • so far some bumpers, ramp with upper stage and a little extraball "quest" plus some little dmd things



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