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  • Submitted: Nov 12 2017 11:57 PM
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  • Author(s): Ron Imhoff
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Download EF5 Tornado 1.0

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EF5 Tornado is a multiball table and the second VP9 table from Ron Imhoff. As its name states, it is tornado themed. 
The table features a cross table plunger, has numerous targets including ABC lanes which advance bonus multiplier (2x,3x,4x,5x). The DEF drop targets when completed reveal a kicker hole and additional bonus. Kicker sends ball to another kickers which shoots the ball to the top of the playfield where additional flippers, TWISTER targets, an and two additional kicker holes are. There are also EF5 targets which when completed advance the bonus multiplier also. 
The game can be started as most VP9 games can with insertion of a coin via the "5" key. However, there are two different play modes. Pressing "2" starts the game in a mode that requires completion of the TWISTER targets to enable balls to be captured in one of DOPPLER holes. Pressing "1" starts the game in immediate capture mode and TWISTER targets need not be completed for the balls to be captured in the DOPPLER holes. 
Capture of 3 balls release the balls for multiplay action and the multiplay mode is reset require completion of TWISTER again to enable ball capture in DOPPLER holes.
End of Ball Bonus stacks up from 0 to 16,000 and when 16,000 is reached, the kicker hole in the left lane enables bonus collection mid-ball, followed by continue bonus stacking. 
Special on this game results in 100,000 points. Special is lit by completing the DEF targets 3 times, BUT, just the targets alone is not enough as completing them reveals the Kicker hole behind them that must be completed for the targets to reset. 
Time was spent on the audio. After 60 seconds wind will begin to sound along with cows and tornado sirens. The chimes on the game are electronic and completing certain target sets results in notable electronic pulses.
If you have any questions, if you love it, if you hate it, please email me at [email protected]
More games coming. 
This is truly an addiction.

What's New in Version 1.0 (See full changelog)

  • Initial Version of EF5 Tornado Pinball Game by ron imhoff

thanks for the work.

Glad you like it. Now I am messing with Virtual Pinball X. The lighting is so awesome, but I think it is going to take me way longer. 


I have a bunch of game layouts in my head. I mean, like a lot of them.


I hope to do one for a band whose given me permissions to use there images, but i want to do it in VPX and I need to get my act together with it. I'm kind of not there yet.


On EF5, listen in headphones, the audio is way better in headphones or really good monitors.


Best of luck !

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