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HyperPin - FPLaunch v1.x - Support for 'Active Backglasses'

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Posted 02 September 2009 - 08:18 PM

HyperPin - FPLaunch v1.x - Support for 'Active Backglasses'

Version: 1.0.0
Category: Frontends and Addons

Author(s): ThomasLund

HyperPin - FPLaunch v1.x - Support for 'Active Backglasses'
02 September 2009: Announcement HyperPin Supports 'Active Backglasses'

I'm pleased to anounce an update on HyperPin's Pinball Launcher!

The only reason I'm releasing it is that ThomasLund doesn't have the time momentarily to release it by himself.

ThomasLund finished off his additions of FPLaunch to support 'Active Backglasses'.

As he explained himself, he tried to stay true to how HyperPin works - but had to make one change. The FPLaunch program doesn't get the parameter for the art - only the table name.

So one has to rename the Active Backglass.exe to match the table name instead of rest of the media.

Besides that, the Visual Pinball part of the settings.ini file simply has to be extended, so please add the following line to the settings.ini:

ActiveBackglass_Path= C:\HyperPin\Media\Visual Pinball\Active Backglass\

If your HyperPin is installed in another place or directory please adjust the driveletter/path accordingly.

The only thing left to do: copy your Backglass.exe's into the C:\HyperPin\Media\Visual Pinball\Active Backglass\ directory and you're ready to go!

The script detects if the Active Backglass.exe is present for the table name and starts it if so. It also makes sure to shut it down again nicely.

The zip contains 3 files, the source script and the compile exe file, simply drop these into your install directory. Also a tutorial 'README' has been added on 'how to install and what to adjust exactly'.

Thanks to BBB for supporting this functionality and allowing to add it to the HyperPin FrontEnd.

So here's what to do to get it to work:
1. Unzip FPLaunch_v1.x - Active Backglasses and extract both FPLaunch.exe + FPLaunch.ahk into your C:\Program Files\HyperPin directory (which will
replace the existing ones).

2. Rename your Active Backglass.exe's to match the table name.

3. Extend the settings.ini with the following line:

ActiveBackglass_Path= C:\HyperPin\Media\Visual Pinball\Active Backglass\
Note: If your HyperPin is installed in another place or directory please adjust the driveletter/path accordingly.

4. Copy the renamed Active Backglass.exe's into C:\HyperPin\Media\Visual Pinball\Active Backglass\ directory.
Note: If your HyperPin is installed in another place or directory please adjust the driveletter/path accordingly.

5./ Start the Table & Enjoy!


Version 1.1
Test fix for black screen issue when launching Future Pinball, fixed where taskbar shows up when returning to HP
Version v1.x - 'Active Backglasses'
Added support for autostart/stop 'Active Backglasses'

Thanks again to ThomasLund & BBB!


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Submitted by Flying Dutchman, on Sep 2 2009, 04:18 PM

Edited by Flying Dutchman, 02 September 2009 - 08:22 PM.

'Flying Dutchman'

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#2 coelbox



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Posted 19 June 2014 - 02:18 PM

Goedendag Flying Dutchman

Ik gebruik nu 2 schermen samen met dB2S en B2S files,werken allebij perfect.
Als ik ook de backglass wil laten draaien voor dat ik munt inwerp
en game start, moet ik dan uw Animated.exe gebruiken of moet ik dan
uw UVP files gebruiken?
Ik weet niet welke van de 2 ik dan nodig heb.  exe of uvp?

Heb animated backglass.exe geprobeerd,maar dat wil niet echt lukken.
Heb 5 stappen gevolgdt hoe u het aangaf, ik weet niet wat ik fout doe.
krijg alleen B2S  dB2S aan de praat.

In script staat nu   
  Set Controller = CreateObject("B2S.Server")   
om B2S files te kunnen draaien.
Moet ik in Script nog wat aanpassen.

Ik gebruik Hyperpin v1 en Vpinball 990

aub hulp