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  • Submitted: May 13 2017 09:02 PM
  • Last Updated: May 13 2017 09:02 PM
  • File Size: 25.78MB
  • Views: 4168
  • Downloads: 1,230
  • Author(s): 32assassin
  • Manufacturer: Gottlieb
  • Year: 1992
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Download Super Mario Bros Mushroom World (Gottlieb 1992) 1.0

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Super Mario Bros

This is a complete rebuild of Super Mario Mushroom World using edizzles resources.
Big thank you to the following persons.
edizzles,  most of the artwork came from his table,  I had to reshape allot of the plastics to better relfelect the actual platics.
Franzieo for his original models used to create his Future PInball version.
Dark for modifying Franzieos models and creating new ones, you can see his work and what models he shared here
from the post you can see he pretty much made or modified all of the models.
I'm sure some of you purists out their will notice that the Palm tree model is not the same as the one found on the original table.
ME ----->  Google --->  Free Palm Tree 3D model -->  https://archive3d.net/?tag=Palm
if anyone is willing to make the original one, feel free to do it, I'm more than happy with the one I used.
finally this table is not a standard sized table,   I did not stretch the table to fill the screen.  Instead I added a filler image that auto hides when you run the table
in DT mode.



Hey thanks 32assassin and all the Guys :tup:, i am happy to have the second SM Table as VPX :)

May 13 2017 10:03 PM

Awesome, thanks 32assassin.

Thanks a lot- Going straight into the cab- Great work

Lol "Mushroom World" you got to play this one.  A funny one.

Thanks 32assassin. Looks Great

error no download

Super cool :). Thanks 32!

no rom??

Pinball-Fan Werner
Jul 15 2017 11:32 AM

I love the Design of this Table but i found some Problems and so the VP8 Version is still better.

First: The Game skipping the Item Roulette after I shoot the Ball.

Second: For some Reason i can't entering another World. I stock forever in Grass Land.

And Third: The Yellow Pipe Ramp upper left is a Dead End.

If the Ball stock at the end of the Ramp, the Game crashed after few second and i have a VB Script Error.

But in VP8 if the Ball stock at the End of the Ramp the Game don't crash and i have only

to wait until the Game release the Ball automatic after more Seconds.

And the Reason why i don't like the VP9 Version is the Ball moving to fast and sometime its glitching over the Playfield.

I wish these Problems on the VPX Version would fix it because the VPX Version have a better

Design than the VP9 Version and i hate the old Design of the VP8 Version of this table but its more

playable than the VPX Version and the VP9 Version.

And thats the Point why the VP8 Version is still better altough i hate the old Design.

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