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  • Submitted: Sep 13 2016 06:11 AM
  • Last Updated: Nov 25 2017 07:16 AM
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Previous Versions

  • 15 Oct 2017 Download DOFLinx 5.22
  • 13 Aug 2017 Download DOFLinx 5.10
  • 05 Aug 2017 Download DOFLinx 5.01B

Download DOFLinx 5.40

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Version 5.x of DOFLinx containing;
Main program
Sample INI configuration file
Messaging program
Comprehensive guide
Sample vbs messaging file
Sample game table flag file
Update notes
Future Pinball vbs script
FX2 memory map files

What's New in Version 5.40 (See full changelog)

  • V5.4 25/11/17
  • - Add support for PUPlayer
  • - Drop the default wait between key presses for KEY_TO_COLOUR, KEY_TO_OUTPUT_TIMER, KEY_TO_COLOUR_TIMER commands from 1000mS to 500mS
  • - Add the ability to set the wait time between key presses via the new parameter DELAY_BETWEEN_KEY_PRESS=
  • - Add two new commands FF_ROM= and KEY_TO_ROM= for use with other emulators, ie MAME, to use MX commands from assigned keys
  • - Fix the FX2 startup to be the same as FP where RGB devices declared as flashers are temporarily removed as RGB devices to avoid off colour displays
  • - Fix startup issue if you didn't have B2S installed
  • V5.22 14/10/2017
  • - Expand the SETTING= item to allow it to use two differnt device outputs allowing for latching on / off of control devices
  • - Fix a stack impbalance with the sleep command causing erratic results (DOFLinx popping up when a process activates, strange DEBUG triggering)
  • - Fix issue with all outputs not returning to an off (0) state when an activating process disappears
  • - Fix issue with DOFLinx becoming visible when FX2 or FP trigered it
  • - Remove DOFLinx from the taskbar
  • V5.20 24/9/17
  • - Update FX2 memory triggers to handle Pinball FX2.exe update circa 23/9/17
  • - Add new optional parameter DIRECTOUTPUTGLOBAL=
  • If you have a DOF global config file, use this parameter to point to it
  • DIRECTOUTPUTGLOBAL=c:\DirectOuput\Config\GLobalConfig_b2sServer.xml
  • - Add detection of Teensy addressable LED controller
  • - Add test routine for any DOF configured ROM and element
  • - Tidy up some logging messages
  • - Add support for addressable LED commands from FX2 and FP
  • FX2 will require new FX2 files, only some games have been updated so far, new FX2 files will keep coming
  • FP will require the replacement of the DOFLinx.vbs file in your \FP\scripts\ folder
  • - New parameter AUTO_MX=
  • Default is 0, being off
  • Set to 1 "AUTO_MX=1" to enable some MX functionality for FP and FX2 games not yet fully scripted
  • V5.12B 27/8/17
  • - 5 new FX2 files for the B2S links
  • V5.12 16/8/17
  • - Fix the message when FTDI=NO
  • - Fix the message when PINSCAPE=NO
  • - Fix NightMode issue with the Settings menu where it did not start up correctly
  • - Tidied up the XBox failure message by removing the ugly looking detail of the error
  • V5.10 13/8/17
  • - Add support for XBox controllers
  • Keys can now be defined as per previous with keycodes, or starting with X for XBox, then the number of the controller, then the key code
  • ie X1LS is Xbox controller 1 Left Shoulder button.
  • Valid buttons are DU, DD, DL, DR, ST, BK, LT, RT, LS, RS, A, B, X, Y
  • - Fix minor button size / text issue on main screen
  • - Add new command line parameter of FTDI=
  • Setting this to NO stops the checking for FTDI devices. Beneficial if you have non-pinball based FTDI devices connected
  • - Improve error checking of parameters in the INI files to avoid an observed crash when the = sign was missing
  • V5.01B 5/8/17
  • - Additional FX2 files for B2S
  • V5.01A 16/7/17
  • - Repackaged with some updated FX2 files for B2S
  • V5.01 9/7/17
  • - Fix bug with B2SStopAnimation command
  • V5.0 7/7/17
  • - Fix bug where DOFLinx crashes if no output devices are detected
  • - Allow DOFLinx to run, but warn, without any valid output devices being detected
  • - Save the position and size upon exit and restart in the same spot and size next time
  • - Allow DOFLinx to run without having L_FLIPPER_OUTPUT and R_FLIPPER_OUTPUT defined
  • - Improve handling of memory read when waiting for FP link to establish
  • - Pinscape controllers are now detected as Pinscape controllers. If you have LEDWiz emulation they will also detect as LEDWiz devices making it look like you have two devices.
  • Use the Pinscape controller as the PWM divisions are far more accurate, ie 255 divisions as opposed to 49.
  • One day I'll find out how to tell a real LEDWiz from an emulated one and suppress the emulated one.
  • You will need to have the Pinscape capable version of DOF R3 from mjr loaded for Pinscape controllers to work
  • If you decide to stick with the non Pinscape DOF R3 Framework then simply add PINSCAPE=NO to the command line when you start DOFLinx otherwise you will get a .NET framework error
  • - DOFLinx now writes some settings to the registry
  • This is mentioned just in case you strike security issues with the registry and the user you are running DOFLinx under
  • Ideally you would have DOFLinx set to run as administrator
  • - New parameter PATH_FX2_B2S= This is the location of any FX2 B2S files
  • Default will be the executing directory
  • - New parameter PATH_B2S_SERVER= This is the location of the B2SServerEXE.exe on your machine
  • Default is C:\VP\
  • - Fix issue where the log file could drift into another folder as opposed to the one where DOFLix starts
  • - Add new command for FX2 being FF_B2S
  • Used to command the B2S backglass for the FX2 game, ie "FF_B2S B2SSetData 2,1" to turn on lamp #2
  • Valid B2S commands are B2SSetData, B2SStartAnimation, B2SStartAnimationReverse, B2SStopAnimation, B2SStapAllAnimations
  • - Improve the timing of the process activation detection
  • - Add detection of Ultimate I/O board for outputs
  • - Add a new command KILL=xxx to stop another pocess on your cabinet
  • ie send a message on exiting PinballFX2 to ensure its closed via launch after in PinballX
  • DOFLinxMsg "KILL=Pinball FX2" (The double quotes are only required due to the space in the name
  • - Fix Test Device and Test RGB where trying to go beyond the number of devices you have connected would cause a dot net error

it was fixed :) immidiatly :) file not broken anymore :) 

where do you install this file does it go in future pinball folder or other pinball folder or install it in its own folder any help would be great thanks

Where we have to put this File?

Jan 03 2017 04:02 PM

Download is working for me right now. Fixed.

4.22C is missing???

Great work DDH69 on finishing the FX2 files! FX2 is just no fun without DOFLinx anymore... ;).

Aug 17 2017 02:11 AM

Question. For most .vpt files I get DOF effects and sounds for flippers, slings, bumpers, etc.  with vpx there is a pref to have dof effects only without sound.  is there an easy way to do this for VP9.x or is editing scripts to remove/comment out the Playsound commands the right way to go?

Cool! Thank you for taking the time!!! ;)

Is there a way to implement a TIMEOUT function like "MAX_FLIPPER_ON=6000" to the "KEY_TO_OUTPUT" toys?

In case things goes grong? to prevent solenoid get stuck a long time if assigned to some buttons/keys.

This could happend in rare but several cases, like FX2 being interrupted or force closed at some point.

Thank you!!!

I created a clone of the teensy and I try to test the DOFLinx MX with PX2/Xmen table with DOF config up-to-date. But nothing appear ...

In the DOFLinx Log, I can see my 3 ledwiz clone (arduino-lwclone), but nothing about the teensy/teensy clone

Do you know how DOFlinx detect the teensy ? is the DOFLinx source code available (for my teensy clone, I have modified DOF to sleep 5s after open the com port, so DOFLinx use DOF for the teensy management, or directly use the teensy)?


Thanks in adance

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